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Spend more time building your database, and less time documenting it!
The SQL Documentation Tool creates comprehensive technical documentation for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, 2000 and 2005 (including Express Edition) databases.
Reports are created in HTML [sample], Microsoft's HTML Help [sample], RTF [sample] and plain text formats [sample]. The HTML format documentation can be viewed in any web browser. The HTML Help format documentation is fully cross referenced and searchable, and provides comprehensive database documentation in a single file. The RTF and text format reports can be used as a basis for your organisation's own database documentation.
Documentation Contents
The SQL Documentation Tool documents the following items in SQL Server database(s):
* Tables
* Column names.
* Whether the column is a primary key.
* Column data types.
* Column lengths.
* Whether the column is nullable.
* Table relationships to primary and foreign keys.
* Whether there are Triggers associated with the table.
* Table indexes.
* Dependency information.
* Views
* Column names.
* Column data types.
* Column lengths.
* Whether column is nullable.
* Dependency information.
* SQL script for creating each View.
* Stored Procedures
* Column names.
* Column data types.
* Column lengths.
* Column type (input/output)
* Dependency information.
* The Create Procedure SQL script for creating the stored procedure.
* Functions
* Column names.
* Column data types.
* Column lengths.
* Column type (input/output)
* Dependency information.
* The Create Function SQL script for creating the function.
* Triggers
* Shows which table is associated with the trigger.
* Shows which SQL actions (insert, update, delete) the trigger is associated with.
* Dependency information.
* The Create Trigger SQL script for creating the trigger.
* Full-Text Catalogs
* Shows the full-text catalogs that may be associated with a database.
* Shows the tables and table columns in each full-text catalog.
* Extended descriptions. Most entities (tables, stored procedures, table columns etc.) in SQL Server 2005 and above can have descriptions added to them through the SQL Server Management Studio. Where present, the SQL Documentation Tool includes these in the documentation. See the SQL Documentation Tool sample documentation for the AdventureWorks database for an example of a fully documented database.
* For each database server documented, the SQL Documentation Tool can optionally include the following:
* DTS Packages
* Details of DTS Packages.
* SQL Server Agent Jobs
* Details of scheduled jobs.
* Steps associated with each job.
* Each job's schedule.
* Note that SQL Server 2005 Express Editon does not support Jobs or DTS Packages.
* For convenience the SQL Documentation Tool allows more than one database to be documented in a single help file - the databases can even be located on different servers.

The license of this software is Commercial,

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