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  • Version: 6.5.3
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  • Date: Apr 26, 2017
  • License: Freeware
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SIGMA Photo Pro Download
Free Download SIGMA Photo Pro 6.5.3

SIGMA Photo Pro is an exclusive software package for displaying and manipulating your Sigma digital camera images on your computer. The companion processing software for your SIGMA digital camera. Sigma Photo Pro is an exclusive software application that enables you to display and manipulate your Sigma digital camera images on your computer.

Main Window:
1. Save groups of images to TIFF or JPEG
2. Mark, lock, rotate, and delete images from computer

Image Information Window:
1. View capture information
2. View file information
3. View processing information

Adjustment Controls Palette:
1. Adjust image Exposure Compensation, Contrast, Shadow, Highlight, Sharpness, Saturation and Fill Light
2. Adjust color
3. Load, save, and delete user-defined settings
4. View histogram
5. Set highlight and shadow warnings

Review Window:
1. View images at large size
2. Choose adjustment mode
3. Save images
4. Magnify details
5. View highlight and shadow warnings
6. Mark, lock, rotate, and delete images
7. Cycle through images displayed in the Main Window
8. Activate Adjustment Controls

New Features:
* Improved processing performance in highlight areas of RAW images.
* Exposure Warning is displayed to each RGB channels of the histogram.
* Addition of "ProPhoto RGB" to the Color Space in "Save Image As".

1. Before you start the download of the installer program, make sure all applications in your computer are finished.
2. Click the download button, or push the right button of your mouse ("right click") and start download.
3. Make sure Setup. exe is saved in the destination you specified.

1. If you have "SIGMA Photo Pro 3.5" installed on your computer, uninstall it by using "Add or Remove Programs" on a computer. It is not possible to install "SIGMA Photo Pro 3.5.2" properly if "SIGMA Photo Pro 3.5" is already installed.
2. First, you have to choose the language of the program you install. Select the language and push the OK button. Then, carry out the install according to the procedures displayed in the screen.
3. You need to restart the computer soon after this software is installed.

System Requirements
1. OS : WidowsXP (service pack2 or later), Windows Vista (32-bit)
2. CPU: Pentium IV or higher
3. RAM: 512MB required (1GB or more recommended)
4. Available Hard Disk Space: 1GB or more
5. Display card: 16bit required (24bit or more recommended)
6. Monitor Display Resolution: 1,024x768 required
*Hardware requirements vary for Windows Vista operating system

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this digital photo software.

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