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  • Date: Dec 18, 2007
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SANware Download
Free Download SANware 1.0

SANware is the first mesh storage product available which uses a company's general purpose infrastructure to backup and secure electronic data. Backups are automated and extremely reliable as a mesh network is, by default, able to lose nodes with no interruption in service.

Much like cellular service works, if one tower stops functioning the phone simply jumps to another. SANware works in a similar manner. To find out more read on, or just request an evaluation copy of SANware.

Your data is critical and keeping it secure has become a necessity. Using 256-bit, double-blind encryption in addition to a patent-pending storage method, SANware provides the most secure storage available. By incorporating SANware into your security arsenal your data will not only be safe from electronic predators, but physical theft as well.

Why spend your time fighting fires, when you can prevent them. SANware allows you to monitor your network for problems and simultaneously helps to curb the growth of your data through management tools like de-duplication. SANware also helps you keep track of how your data is being accessed through a robust data auditing and tracking system.

Securing and managing your data doesn??t have to be a constant worry. SANware provides a self-healing, self-managing structure that provides you peace of mind. Your users can also have it easy with a simple restore option that employs a common interface for file access.

A SANware mesh network is self-managing and self-healing. All files and network traffic are distributed across all machines so there can be no single point of failure. Mesh networks can continue to provide uninterrupted storage under almost any circumstances.

Securing and managing your data has just become affordable for everyone. SANware is priced so that even a small business can realize.

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