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  • Date: Nov 19, 2010
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S-IMessenger Download
Free Download S-IMessenger 1.2

S-IMCO Inc's Secure Instant Messenger is a secure, reliable and feature-rich enterprise instant messaging solution suitable as a Corporate Instant Messenger. Our Enterprise Instant Messenger makes instant messaging possible in a fast, secure and controllable way, both internally on your company's network as externally from the Internet.

S-IMCO's IM Service architecture consists of Dispatch Server, Status Server, IM Server and a Windows based administration console. The system uses MySQL as database. The server and client use SSL/TLS protocol to communicate. The system uses the industry standard TLS/SSL tool-kit OpenSSL for that purpose. S-IMCO's IM Service is highly scalable and can support thousands of concurrent connections on a single server.

It is a secure, reliable and feature-rich presence-based client for our enterprise instant messaging solution that can be used to enhance interoffice communication and collaboration. Our Corporate Instant Messaging System is specifically designed for the small to large enterprise communication market and can be deployed in just minutes inside a domain.

-IMCO Inc's Enterprise Instant Messaging server can be safely placed behind a firewall anywhere in the LAN and provides the mechanism that manages the information exchanged between S-IMCO secure instant messenger clients. This includes buddy status updates, text messages, file-transfers. Our server boasts a very small footprint and supports intranet and extranet communication.

S-IMCO Inc's Business Instant Messager Solution comes with a centralized management and security console that gives an administrator complete control over users. The administration console is used to control the various features of the IM Client, manage the server database, and monitor the activity on the server. Logs providing details about the various requests to the our instant messaging server are recorded to allow the administrator to monitor and analyze the traffic between the our Business Instant Messaging server and the client population.

S-IMessenger Features:
1. Security:
S-IMCOs all the three server support TLSV1, SSLV3, SSLV2 (not recommended). The system uses the industry standard TLS/SSL tool-kit OpenSSL for that purpose. Different TLS/SSL protocol versions can be set via Windows or Web-based Administration Consoles.

2. Administration Console:
* S-IMCOs IM System can be easily administered via two types of administration consoles
* Windows Based Administration Console.
* Web-based Administration Console.

3. Dispatch Server:
The Dispatch Server redirects the user to the appropriate Status Server. With the users first connecting to dispatch server before being redirected, gives the system ability to seamlessly redirect the users to a different Status Server, incase of a original Status Server not being available. Stopping the Dispatch server will not allow any new users to login to the system, but the users already logged-in, will remain connected without noticing any difference.

4. Status Server:
Status Server is the most critical part of S-IMCOs IM Architecture. Status Server authenticates the user, maintains the user status and user lists and updates other users about any changes. Status Server also stores and sends some of the user information e.g. Friendly Name, Personal Message, and Privacy options. Stopping Status server will logout all the users logged-in to the IM System.

5. IM Server:
IM Server hosts all the public and private chat-sessions, as well as secure File and Avatar Transfer. Stopping the IM Server will close all the already opened chat-sessions, and will not allow the logged in users to start any new public or private chat-sessions.

Start S-IMessenger for the first time
1. Get an S-IMCO IM Service Member ID
The first time you start S-IMessenger, you will be prompted to enter "Customer Id" a.k.a Administrator Id. Please ask your S-IMCO IM Service Provider for that.

2. Add people to Contact List
First, Start S-IMessenger and then:
Log in with your s-imco.com Member ID and password (this happens automatically by default if you have used the "Save my password" function, or if you have already entered an s-imco.com Member ID and password.)

When you start S-IMessenger for the first time, your Contact List will be empty. To find other users to add to your Contact List, S-IMessenger Window, click "Search for a Contact" enter a user id, First Name, Last Name or Genger in the search dialogbox, and press the Next button. The search results will be displayed on the next of the same dialogbox. Click the user id, First Name, Last Name, Gender you are interested in and click next. On success, the contant will appear in your Contact List.

* The trial version will contain a subscription for 15 days, with access to web-based administration console and a fully functional S-IMessenger client for 100 users.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $599.00 (100 user), you can free download and get a free trial.

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