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An advanced rootkit detection/removal utility. Here are some key features of "Rootkit Unhooker":

Service Descriptor Table hooks detection
* Includes Service Descriptor Table hooks removing (unhooking)

SYSENTER/Int 2e hooks detection
* Detection of hooking sysenter instruction handler and system interrupt (IDT) hook

SYSENTER/Int 2e hooks removing (unhooking)
* Restoring original instruction (interrupt) handler

Hidden processes detection
* Detection of processes hidden from Windows API
* Most powerful in the world at current time
* Detection of processes with full path and name (unique)

Hidden processes terminating
* Including force-kill powered by PVASE
* (c) PVASE Process Virtual Address Space Erasing

Hidden processes dumping
* With ability to rebuild file for analysis

Hidden drivers detection
* Detection of drivers hidden from Windows API
* combines four different methods of detection and including special five (c) Stealth Walker technology
* and six (c) KMSE - Kernel Memory Scanning Engine

Hidden drivers dumping
* Unique feature that gives you ability to make dump of selected driver

IRP hooks detection
* Look for "References" column on the Hidden Drivers Detector page

Detection of API-based hooks (Code Hooks Detection)
* Includes most powerful at this time inline (splicing) hooks detection in drivers and libraries. Detected hooks: on functions and on IRP's (for drivers)

Detection of hidden libraries
* As part of Code Hooks Detector page. Displays address (if can be determined) of hidden library

Hidden files detection
* Includes detection of files hidden from Windows API on the disks. Supported file systems are: FAT32 and NTFS (full support - including ADS).

Low level files operation
* Wipe/Copy functions for visible and hidden files (including ADS).

Update system
* Can check our server for program updates

Report generation
* Automatically generates report with all needed information (not huge and useless like in others programs)

Program self-protection
* Contains some methods that are able to prevent some malware from interrupting work of program. Includes internal integrity checking and antidebugging

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system utility software.

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