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  • Date: Aug 09, 2017
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Free Download Rohos Face Logon 3.3

Rohos Face Logon use any Windows compatible camera add authentication convenience and security to Windows logon. The program is designed to add authentication convenience and additional security method to the standard Windows logon procedure. It allows to access Windows computer in an easy, fast and secure way by using any Windows compatible camera. The login of the user is performed automatically once the face has been recognized by the program. Rohos Face Logon provides identification of a user by biometric verification in an automatic continuous process, based on neural network technology.

The program lets users access to Windows computer in an easy, fast and secure way using USB Key (USB flash drive). Rohos Logon Key is considered to be the most convenient and user-friendly password replacement solution on the market.

1. Rohos Logon Key set ups USB flash drive with your user name and password so that they will be automatically entered when you enter Windows.
2. Program supports the following Windows logon configurations:
* Login into WindowsXP/Vista home computer;
* Login into a workstation joined to Active Directory (Windows Domain), Novell Netware services;
* Access to remote desktop on the Windows terminal server.

3. Computer can be locked or user session can be finished (log off) as soon USB flash drive has been disconnected from USB port;
4. Keyless mode allows disconnecting USB Key for some minutes without locking computer. For example if user needs to connect some device to USB port. As time passes the computer will be blocked (see USB_REMOVAL, Chapter 4.9);
5. USB flash drive can be used for computer security. It allows you to enter your user account only using USB Key;
6. In order to protect access to USB flash drive, you may use PIN code. PIN code can be entered by means of virtual keyboard which is protected from password tracking and from PIN code steal by output spy;
7. USB Key Management utility allows you to setup USB flash drives for hundreds of users quickly and easily;
8. Rohos application does not replace msgina.dll thus not creating any problems with compatibility;
9. Rohos supports password renewal policy; the password is renewed on the USB Key;
10. Safe Mode. The access with the USB key works also by the loading Windows in Safe Mode.

USB Key security features:
1. USB Key cannot be duplicated. Key logon profile is bound up with a USB flash drive serial number.
2. USB Key originality. By default USB Key is bound up with a computer where it was created for login. The other USB Key will be ignored by the program (even with a valid logon profile). Computer owner can forbid using any other USB Key except the 1st one for login.
3. Protected password. By default USB Key does not contain your Windows password in plain form, but only Encryption Key pair that is used to reconstruct password for login operation.
4. Two-factor authentication by using PIN code for USB Key. This is a small password with only 3 attempts to enter, it is required when performing login by using USB Key;
5. USB Key that was created by USB Key Manager Tool cannot be modified on home computer (for example, Logon profiles cannot be cleared or modified using Rohos Logon Key program)
6. Rohos Logon Key can disable user access to USB flash drives and removable media connected to computer through USB port;

Rohos Logon Key supports various Windows logon configurations. It allows using it both on the personal computer/laptop and on the corporate workstation joined to Windows/Novell network.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR 9.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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