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  • Date: May 23, 2014
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    Email Client
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Revolver Mail combines all the elements of a personal information manager - an email client, an address book, and a calendar - in a single, integrated, user-friendly interface. Even better: it is free. Revolver Mail is a safe, network-savvy alternative to existing email applications.
Designed especially for use in SOHO and small business environments, its secure framework and virus-resistant email area makes it a great choice for both company data and personal information.

1. E-mails together in a team
With a revolver, all employees access to a common e-mail pool. Such general addresses (info...) can be edited. Upon request, e-mail accounts, of course, can remain private, then no one else can read your e-mails - unless you give individual e-mails free of conscious.

2. Fast-sorting system for e-mails
Revolver in incoming e-mails are first sorted according to whether they are applicable (tab "News"), have already done (Tab "Done") or in the trash include) (tab with the minus sign. This sorting goes very fast, because it is done right in the list with one click. The advantage: A look at the tab "News" shows what can be done.

3. E-mails to assign projects
E-mails can drag and drop to assign to projects. In the course of each project you will then see all the e-mails (see below). Because all e-mails are stored in the central database, even years later everything in its place.

4. Addresses with Instant Search
The address book feature in Revolver gets along well with large amounts of data. All addresses are in a concise list. If you are looking for an address, just type a few first few letters - the result will immediately appear. For each company, you can create any number of contacts.

5. Everything about the address during
For each address, you can view by clicking on the magnifying glass a complete history. You will see all the e-mails, appointments, memos, etc. to the address in a concise list.

6. Calendar with drag and drop
The calendar is easy to operate with the mouse and clear. In the network, you can see events from colleagues or create appointments for colleagues. With freely adjustable colors, you create more data. Private appointments with one mouse click to protect from the eyes of others.

7. Projects with the course
With the revolver you manage your projects. The project number is assigned automatically (programmable). Almost everything in gun may be linked to the projects. In the course of the project, you always see the current status of the project.

8. Everything can lie down on resubmission
The practical Widedervorlage function reminds you to a desired time on any document. Addresses, e-mails, appointments, promotions, responsibilities: Everything can submit revolver again, for other employees.

9. All in one window
Open documents are automatically saved as a tab at the bottom, when you open something else. With one click, you get the document back into the foreground. So everything stays in one window.

10. Easy Installation
You do not need special skills to establish revolver in the network. In a few minutes everything is settled. Detailed instructions can be found in the manual.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this email client software.

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