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  • Version: 3.2.12918.5857-REL14
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  • Date: Sep 09, 2011
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Returnil System Safe Download
Free Download Returnil System Safe 3.2.12918.5857-REL14

Returnil System Safe is uses a combination of antivirus, antimalware, system restore and a virtual system to protect your computer from all types of viruses and other malicious threats.

Returnil System Safe uses an advanced anti-malware and virtualization technology. It clones (copies) your operating system and creates a virtual environment for your PC. Instead of loading the native operating system, a clone is loaded that allows you to run your applications and perform your online activities in an entirely isolated environment. In this manner, your actual operating system is never affected by viruses, Trojans, malware and other malicious threats. To return to the actual operating system environment, you just need to restart your PC. While working in the virtual environment, you have the option of saving documents and files so that your data will not be lost when the system is restarted.

Returnil's protection concept is very easy to understand. It provides an impenetrable, yet extremely simple to use mechanism to prevent unwanted or malicious changes from being made to your supported Windows Operating System and the drive where Windows is installed. You operate a copy of your system in a virtual environment, so anything you do will happen in the virtual environment (to the copy) and not to the real operating system. If your computer is attacked or gets infected with malware, you can block it from starting, detect it before it has a chance to infect your real or virtual systems, and/or restart your PC to erase all changes induced by it. Once restarted or restored to an earlier time, the working-copy of your system is renewed, enabling you to go on working as if nothing ever happened.

When the virtualization protection is OFF, you can install or remove programs, save documents within the Windows disk drive, install security upgrades and software patches, alter configurations, and update user accounts. All changes made will remain following a restart of the computer.

Returnil's products are designed to take the risk and worry out of exposing your computer to all types of malicious software, downloads, websites, or any accidental unwanted changes that might have adverse effects on it, or infect it with harmful viruses, spyware and other malicious programs.

Overall Product
1. New an improved interface
2. Clear protection status of your system
3. Manage main features from one screen

Virus Guard
1. Real-time protection - define your own shield sensitivity
2. Quick Scan - light on resources and effective
3. Full Scan - thorough scan of pre-defined areas on your computer
4. View and export log of infections

Virtual Mode
1. Protect your system - Virtualize it!
2. Virtual Mode Always On or just in current session
3. Ability to save files via File Manager

System Restore
1. Repair infections with ease
2. Restore your system to a previously known/clean state
3. Recovery individual infected files
4. Do not ever worry about loosing your data

1. Complete protection from both known and unknown viruses and other malicious software
2. Eliminate Trojans, viruses, adware, spyware and undo unwanted changes with a simple restart of your system
3. Real-time protection on-the-fly
4. Retain changes to your documents and other frequently edited content
5. No need to defragment or optimize your hard-disk
6. Protect your system while you are surfing or working in "the cloud"

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.95/yr, you can free download and get a free trial.

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