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  • Date: Mar 22, 2013
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    Microsoft Office Add-Ins
ReportsDNA Download
Free Download ReportsDNA 2.3

ReportsDNA extends the capabilities of Excel to allow anyone to create customized reports without programming. Desktop reports in Excel in minutes. It is designed for users, not developers so it is easy to use. It comes with built-in ability to generate reports from any data source Excel can import: databases, web pages, xml, files. Furthermore, it can be extended to accept additional sources like ClearQuest or PC/M Plus Remedy. Just install the extension and the data source is fully integrated into ReportsDNA.

ReportsDNA is an Excel AddIn. It can be installed in minutes by an individual or deployed throughout the Enterprise as part of Excel.
The configuration for each report is stored in each Excel worksheet. There are no additional configuration files. The report can be run on any computer that has ReportsDNA installed.

It can be extended to accept additional sources like BugZilla or MySQL. Just install the extension and the data source is fully integrated into ReportsDNA.

ReportsDNA Features:
1. Multiple reports in each workbook - each worksheet contains its unique report configuration.
2. Accepts dynamic parameters (e.g., report that always shows data from TODAY)
3. Prompt users for parameters at time of report creation
4. Invoke a macro before a report is generated, which can be used a data source
5. Invoke a macro after a report is created

Data Retrieval
1. Retrieve data from any data store
2. Display all records, only unique records, only duplicate records
3. Filter out unwanted data

Report Layout
1. Create report in a table or by using a template
2. Group by field
3. Sort by up to 3 fields
4. Specify field order
5. Display field names
6. Suppress unwanted fields
7. Number records
8. Total number of records

Formatting Options
1. Specify font, font size, color, style, and row color
2. Bold specific fields
3. Wrap text for specific fields
4. Resize fields to show all data
5. Alternate row shading
6. Specify maximum row height
7. Conditional formatting - format data based on its value
8. Format report so field names are always displayed with data

Post-Report Creation
1. Automatically save a copy to a file or post to a website
2. Automatically print report to a designated printer with a designated number of copies
3. Automatically email report
4. Automatically update pivot tables and pivot charts

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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