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  • Version: 8.83
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  • Date: Apr 25, 2011
  • Price: $49.95
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    Online TV
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Replay A/V is the most powerful way to capture all kinds of Streaming Video and Audio, including Radio Shows, Online TV Broadcasts, video clips, audio archives, and Podcasts. You can record clips instantaneously, or schedule recordings to happen automatically later. Plus, the integrated Replay Media Guide lets you pick Radio Shows, Radio Stations, TV Stations and Podcasts to record with a single click. Also captures Sirius and XM Radio online.

Record, Schedule and Convert All Kinds of Streaming Video and Audio.

* Capture Online Video Clips
* Schedule and Record Radio Shows and Stations
* Find Radio, TV & Podcasts with the Integrated Media Guide
* Convert to 36 Popular Output formats
* Record Internet TV Stations
* Turn Audiobooks into MP3 Files
* Record XM and Sirius Online feeds
* Download and Convert Podcasts and Video Blogs
* Record from Webcams or audio devices attached to your PC
* Record, Convert and Copy to iPod automatically
* Easy to use
* Free Trial
* No Spyware. No Viruses. 100% Guaranteed.

Replay A/V is the only software that combines Stream Capture, Audio Recording and an Enhanced Podcast Client in one easy-to-use interface.
Stream Capture lets you save the bits and bytes of streaming audio and video directly from the internet. Replay A/V is the only software that supports Windows Media, Real, Flash, QuickTime and Shoutcast streams. The benefits of this technology are enormous - you can capture multiple streams simultaneously (10 or more is doable with most broadband connections), and you get perfect reproduction at the smallest possible size. Plus, unlike other audio capture programs, no background noises creep into your recordings, and the sound card remains free for normal use. You can record XM Radio and Sirius using this method, too. Replay A/V also converts captured audio to MP3, WAV or iPod Audiobook files.
Audio Recording captures anything you can hear on your PC, and saves it to MP3 or other popular formats. This means that you can capture any format, even ones that haven't been invented yet. And it's great for making personal copies of Audio Books or other content.
Special output options like Eliminate Dead Air and Compressed Speech make Audio Recording even more useful.
The Enhanced Podcast Client built into Replay A/V gives you extra capabilities the big guys can't do. Any Podcast can be converted to a bookmarkable file on your iPod (so you can return to the place you were last listening). BitTorrent Podcasts are supported. You can download individual episodes with one click. There's a lot more, too.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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