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  • Date: Jul 12, 2016
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Free Download Renoise 3.1

Renoise is an unique approach when compared with mainstream music sequencers, Renoises streamlined workflow delivers professional results.

* ReWire and Jack Transport Support
Connect and synchronize Renoise with other audio applications. You can now combine the best things about trackers and sequencers!
* Automatic PDC (Plugin Delay Compensation)
Plug-ins and external inputs have varying amounts of delay, making your tracks sound really sloppy. With Automatic PDC, instruments and effects in your productions will be tightly synced.
* High resolution timing
With the new timing engine added in Renoise 2.0 you can place events with an insane maximum resolution of up to 65,536 PPQ. This high precision allows live recordings to retain their natural, human feel.
* Multi-Core Support
Unleash your computer's full potential. Take advantage of all the cores in your system to boost performance, allowing you to add much more and heavier DSPs, tracks, VST FX and VST Instruments than before.
* Interface
Quick. That sums it up pretty much. Once you get rolling with the keyboard shortcuts, there is no stopping you. And hey, there are no annoying floating windows. Every widget stays where it belongs.
* Multi Platform
Renoise runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. If you want to use Renoise on all of them, that is possible too! No need to register a separate copy.
Connect Renoise to hardware synths or VST instruments to send and receive notes and controllers changes. Sync Renoise in either master or slave mode.
* Plugin support: VSTi, VSTfx, LADSPA and AudioUnits
Plugins provides you a vast array of effects and synths. With Renoise all that is within reach. Why not map an external MIDI controller to a plugin through the Automate Device and start tweaking for real
* Low latency audio with Multi-I/O ASIO
Soundcards with ASIO benefit from low audio latency and the ability to route individual tracks through any available hardware channel.
* Integrated Sampler
Edit and playback samples with the Sample Editor. Because really, why should you let yourself be distracted by switching back and forth to external editors
* External Audio Recording
You can record your sound card's line-in in the Sample Editor. Capture perfectly synched or manually triggered external audio directly into a sample slot. Or route the external signal through the Line-In Device into the DSP Chain.
* Instrument Editor
Turn VST Instruments into CPU-friendly multi-sample Instruments with the Instrument Editor.
* Mixer
Renoise's flexible answer to the traditional mixer. Also doubles as an interface for the DSP Chain.
* Built-in DSP Effects
Reverb, delay, compressor, distortion, flanger, phaser, EQ. Use as many of them as you like - or your pc can handle.
* Track routing
The Send and Master tracks pave the way for unique routing options. Whether you route a single channel or 50 channels to a Send track full of effects, your pc's CPU will hardly know the difference.
* Automation
Draw curves to tell effects and instruments how their parameters should change during playback.
* Rendering to WAV
Export your songs to WAV. Up to 32-bit, 96 kHz, with either cubic or sinc interpolation. Renoise can also save the separate tracks and patterns.

Supported file formats:
Songs / modules
* .xrns Renoise song open format
* .rns Renoise song <= V1.5.x
* .ntk Noisetrekker 3.22 module
* .xm Fasttracker 2 extended module
* .it Impulse Tracker module
* .mod Amiga module - M.K., M!K!, FLT4, 4CHN formats
* .mid MIDI files (including MIDICC commands).

* .xrni Renoise instrument open format
* .rni Renoise instrument <= V1.5.x
* .nti Noisetrekker instrument
* .xi Fasttracker 2 extended instrument
* .fxb VST-Bank
* .fxp VST-Preset

* .wav Windows wave format
* .aac Advanced Audio Coding
* .flac Free Lossless Audio Codec
* .aif Audio Interchange File Format (Apple)
* .snd Sound (Apple)
* .ogg Ogg Vorbis stream format
* .mp3 Mpeg 2.5 Layer III (on Win/Mac only)

* .xml Renoise / Noisetrekker theme & config files and songdata from and to the clipboard

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR65.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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