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We often download all kinds of files from Internet, such as audio, video, image, document and so on. Sometimes the name of these files we download is not the right one we want. Certainly we can rename these files but it is a very hard and trying job. Here I will recommend a rename utility to you. That is RenameMaestro. With RenameMaestro we can rename files in batch. If you have large numbers of files need to rename, RenameMaestro is the best choice of you absolutely.

RenameMaestro is a file renaming tool that can instantly batch rename 1 million files and folders with one click. The utility is an adept solution that supports renaming not just our images but any type of file and even folders in desired manner. It offers two file renaming modes; Single Action mode, and Multiple Actions Home mode. Using the utility we can assign date, time, numbers, letters, or any text to several files and folders. The key features and functions of RenameMaestro include:

The console of RenameMaestro is easily navigable, thus we can quickly understand and use the functions. Its console has been divided in three columns where the left pane presents the selected files and folders, mid pane consists of file/folders selection options and renaming modes, and right pane shows the renaming previews.

RenameMaestro allows us to select files or folders using the Add and Remove options that automatically get queued up with left panel. Now, selecting the files/folders, we have to select the renaming mode and available action to give them desired name.

We can use Easy Rename, Delete Text, Find & Replace Text, Insert Text, Change Case, Insert Dates and Times, Insert Letters, Insert Numbers, and Change File Dates. As we choose an action, the immediate preview would be displayed with right pane to help in deciding a better renaming action. When we're through with the selection process, simply press Rename and the files would instantly be renamed. Similarly we can use Multiple Actions, where we can select and save several actions for renaming files/folders.

The "Easy Rename" action is the fastest way of renaming files, and it will remove every name, let us add some text and put some increasing numbers on the end of each file name in simple step. And we get an instant preview every step of the way before we rename multiple files or folders. Adding files and folders for batch file renaming is as simple as using drag and drop. If we wish, just drop one directory in and this better file rename software will add all the files within it instantly.

RenameMaestro is a bulk rename utility that lets us intuitively build up a list of changes to carry out on our files or just carry out one action quickly and simply. A list of multiple actions might involve deleting some of the text, changing the file extensions' case, then inserting an incrementing date and time. A single action rename would simply be choosing one of the above or another action, and then renaming immediately.

RenameMaestro has an easy but powerful find and replace action for names and extensions, which can use quick symbols like * for any characters, : for a number, and ? for a letter. We can change the created, modified and last accessed dates and times for files and directories with ease. So we can make the modified dates match the created dates, or any other date and time we like. Of course we can insert incrementing letters, change 1 million names and extensions to and from capital letters and do other swift actions with this batch file renamer.

All of the many different file rename actions can work on all or just some of the parts of the file (and folder) names or extensions. As we progress we can add and remove files and directories whenever we want before we hit the rename button. And if we want to change the final results, just use the Undo button and all the batch file rename and date change actions will be reversed immediately. To bulk rename different files and folders repeatedly in the same way is easy because of the ability to export our actions to a file. Then later its simple to import them back to rename files in the same way whenever we like.

Overall, with the RenameMaestro we can rename our large number of files/folders instantly without pooling much of our time. The tool imparts a set of easily negotiable options, varied renaming actions, along with quick and effective functioning.

In addition, RenameMaestro provides a free trial for us but many functions are disabled. It is a standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. RenameMaestro does not contain any adware or spyware. It works with most recent variants of Windows. With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability, and free trial - why are you still reading? Download the free trial now and experience what powerful and effective it is at once! If you feel this utility is helpful indeed, introduce it to your friends please!

RenameMaestro is probably the easiest and quickest way to rename thousands of your movies and videos instantly, whether they are AVI, MPEG, MP4 files and more.
If you need to use the frame rate, bit depth, encoding, duration or anything else hidden away within the file when renaming movies and films, you now can. Extensive information is now at your finger tips, including the RIFF and BMP metadata that movie files often contain. And none of this information will ever be overwritten or altered in any way.

RenameMaestro - The quick and easy way to rename files and folders. Make incremental changes to get your desired result. Photographers love the magic numbering option that keeps photos in order. System administrators can save multiple actions once but use them repeatedly. RenameMaestro has a powerful find and replace action, using wildcards like * and ?
Every renaming action you create shows you an immediate preview. This means that you can see exactly how the names or file extensions will look before you rename them. RenameMaestro will never rename your files until you hit the Rename! button.

With RenameMaestro the actions start and end exactly where you want, when you need them.
* Use the Easy Rename action to create numbered files quickly.
* Find and replace text using familiar wildcards like * and ?
* Add dates and times in your chosen format, even increasing over time.
* Add numbers which increment and decrement to your specification.
* RenameMaestro even lets you add incrementing letters in the same way.
* Delete all or some of the text in file and folder names and extensions.
* Add any free form text with ease.
* Change the case (aka CAPITALS or non-capitals) in a variety of ways.
RenameMaestro automatically applies each new action that you specify for files and folders to the last action. This means you make complex alterations quickly and easily. No matter how difficult or convoluted the renaming task, just add as many actions as you need, step by step.
Rename different files and folders in the same way repeatedly by simply exporting your actions to a file. Then just import and reuse them again and again whenever you like.
You can rename thousands of files and folders in one click, with as simple or complex renaming requirements as you need.

When movie renaming you can now utilise a vast amount of information from within the file, including but not limited to average bytes per second, codec, maximum data rate and much much more to rename films. In fact, you may well find yourself using RenameMaestro just to see the information within your film and movie files.
Any information stored within the file as a date can be formatted before inserting it into the file name. Naturally sometimes this information isn't stored as a date, for example a film duration value might be stored as '4 mins 53 secs'.
But if it's stored as a time such as '00:04:53' then RenameMaestro will let you alter it however you want - use the minutes or just the seconds if you like. Expand any dates to an easily readable form, so that '06/05/2009' can swiftly be inserted into your new file name or extension as '6 May 2009'.
You can also use general file information that is present in every file when renaming. This means you can include the name of the video's folder in its name, or its folder's folder name (and so on). You can insert the date a movie was last accessed into it's extension. If a picture needs to have its file size mentioned in the name, you can easily do that with the file size inserted in KB or MB.
All of the file information can be inserted into some or all parts of the file (and folder) names or the file extensions. As you progress you can add and remove files and directories whenever you want before you hit the rename button.
And if you change your mind about the final results, just use the Undo button and all the folder and file renaming and date changing actions will be immediately reversed.
Renaming different videos and movies repeatedly in the same way is easy because of the ability to export your actions to a file. Then later its simple to import them back to rename films in the same way whenever you like.
But don't take our word for it! Download our file rename software for free and try it; you'll see how easy it is to change your videos, movies and films.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $27.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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