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A handy reminder / alarm / alert / notification program. Reminder 19 is a (currently Windows only) reminder/alarm/alert/notification program. You can use it to alert, remind, or notify you of any important (or even unimportant) events. Use it to remind you to take out the trash, wake you up in the morning, alert you of your mother birthday, notify you to pay your bills, and much more!

Reminder 19 is made up of an Alert Manager and Alerts. In the Alert Manager, you can set up different messages and schedules for your Alerts. The Alerts can be one time events or reoccurring events. Reminder 19 will automatically figure out the alert times based on your schedule. When it time for your next alert, a window will pop up with your message and optionally play a sound clip. Reminder 19 supports a huge number of alerts that are very easily manageable and configurable.

There are several ways of scheduling an alarm in Reminder 19. You can:
1. Set up an alert for a specific time and date.
2. Set up an alert to go off in so many minutes, hours, or days.
3. Set up an alert to go off once after every specific minutes, hours, or days.
4. Set up a reoccurring alert for a particular day of the week.
5. Set up a reoccurring alert for a particular day of the month.
6. Set up a reoccurring alert for a specified 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th day of the week for each month.
7. You can also set up an advanced alert. For the computer savvy, this is similar to creating a unix cron job.

Reminder 19 Features:
1. Alerts are easy to create and manage.
2. Alert Windows pop up on top and stay there. They won't let you ignore them!
3. Alerts can be customized with background colors, sounds, and individual messages.
4. Alerts can be disabled and enabled instead of being removed and re-created.
5. Alerts can be easily snoozed with preset and customizable snooze times.
6. Alerts can be easily searched and sorted.
7. Reminder 19 can be set to start up on system boot.
8. Reminder 19 can remember its the last position.
9. Reminder 19 minimizes to the system tray, so it's unobtrusive.
10. Reminder 19 knows when you change the system date and time.
11. Reminder 19 does not need to be installed and stores all its information in a single, easily transferable, file.
12. Reminder 19 is a completely offline application and never requires an internet connection.

* NET Framework 2.0

* A maximum limit of 19 alerts

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $5.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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