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Registry Tweaker is a tool, for applying registry tweaks on Windows platforms. It supports Windows 2000/XP/2003. The program is very customizable, you can add, edit tweak database, create profiles and export them to *.reg files. Everything is done just with a few clicks. Registry Tweaker supports basic types:

If you like to track things down, Tweak Tracker is included. When you apply tweak, manually or with profile, changes are written to tracker, so you can check everything you have applied. Of course, restore to old or original value is possible. Next great thing is database update via internet. 2 methods of update are possible; overwrite or append database file, so you can never loose your custom tweaks. Under Other Tweaks section is located Windows XP Viewer/Changer and Startup manager. There you can also apply *.reg files to run at Windows startup. Neat feature is Registry backup. What it does is really simple, it exports whole registry to a *.reg file, which can be applied later if something is wrong.

With latest release, Backup tool got some improvements. You can export hives or custom registry path. System information section is useful for administrators, it captures basic info about computer. Latest version has also improved database editor. Jumping between tweaks in database is really easy and form many directions. If you like typing the database than you will like Database Syntax checker, or if you like to do it more quickly, than you can use tweak templates.

There is also HEX 2 String converter and Find / Replace Tool. New feature is also Internet Explorer Security, you can block domains and cookies from that domains. Latest version also supports ActiveX blocker. With this addition, IE Security, gets more close to other immunization tools, like Spyware Blaster or SpyBot. It's some sort of alternative. Registry Tweaker has also nice Directory structure, where are stored all files it uses. You can also do mass delete from registry, with latest version of RT, it's in test phase. Because it does not need any other system file, you can simply copy it to portable device and carry it around. Latest version includes *.reg file syntax checker. It is valuable tool for fixing broken reg files.

* Apply various tweaks. User can edit every tweak parameter, group them together, etc.
* One Click tweak Apply. Create profiles and apply them with one click.
* Apply profiles at Windows startup, Export profiles to REG files, check Syntax of REG files.
* Track every tweak applied from Registry Tweaker, restore old / original value.
* Edit database from Registry Tweaker with advanced options, that helps you with tweak import.
* Other tools: Windows XP Key Changer, Windows Startup manager, Registry Backup, IE security (immunization and domain blocker)
* Update tweak database via internet.
* System Information is more detailed with each new release, basic OS info and some hardware info.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this registry cleaner software.

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