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  • Date: Jan 16, 2013
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Are there some false items in your registry need to be repaired Are you puzzled by the complicated entries of your registry The standard registry editor come along with our operating system is too difficult to most of us. Is there a powerful yet easy to use registry editor that can replace the standard registry editor Of course, here I will commend you a popular and excellent registry editors.

That is RegEditX. Whether you are an advanced user who needs to edit and modify our registry to remove Trojan, virus, and spyware entries, a system administrator who needs a safer, more efficient tool to maintain our company PCs, or a software developer who needs to quickly manipulate registry keys and values during system development RegEditX has the tools that you need. With this registry editor we can edit the registry simply and safely. Below is the detailed introduction of this registry editing tool.

RegEditX (Registry Editor Extensions) is a program that enhances the Windows Registry Editor. RegEditX makes our registry editing more productive than ever. We don't have to learn new ways of accomplishing tasks we already know how to perform. If we edit the same keys repeatedly, this is for us! New buttons activate frequently used commands, and a combo box stores a history of visited keys and allows quick navigation back to them. The keys are saved across sessions and available the next time we use the Registry Editor. In addition, RegEditX optimally resizes the list columns for better view. Once we've tried RegEditX, we won't want to edit the registry any other way.

The key functions and features of this Windows registry editor include:

1. The toolbar contains buttons to launch the innovative Registry Crawler for lightning fast searches and bookmarks.

2. The combo box under the menu bar tracks the registry keys which we have viewed or edited. Continue using REGEDIT as we did before - expand keys in the tree or edit them in the list - and these keys automatically appear in the combo box. Then navigate back to them by selecting them from the combo box.

3. The combo box also lets us Cut, Copy, and Paste keys to and from the Windows clipboard. Many online documents contain references to keys. Simply copy this text to the clipboard and paste it into the combo box to instantly navigate to it.

4. As we type into the combo box, the tree of keys is incrementally navigated. Once the key that we want is selected in the tree, simply type RETURN or the backslash () and the key is completed for us.

5. As we type or paste into the combo box, keys starting with common aliases such as HKLM, HKCU, HKCR, HKCC, HKU are recognized and expanded. In addition, the even shorter (LM, CU, CR, CC, U) are recognized and expanded also.

6. As we type into the combo box, Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right stop at backslashes, making it easy to select parts of a key.

7. The list columns are "automagically" resized to optimally show key values - no more mouse gyrations to resize columns as we navigate to different keys.

8. A RegEditX pull-down menu is added to manage RegEditX.

9. Run RegEditX from any command-line (or open the Start menu and select Run) simply by typing "RegEditX ".

10. After selecting a new key in the tree, RegEditX nicely auto-resizes the columns in the list to optimally show the values of that key. We will be amazed how much mouse dragging this saves!

In addition, RegEditX is free for us and it does not contain any adware or spyware. It is a standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. It works with most recent variants of Windows and its current version is 1.3.1. With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability and free trial - why are you still reading Download the free trial now and experience how powerful and effective it is at once! If you feel this utility is helpful indeed, introduce it to your friends please!

RegEditX makes your registry editing more productive than ever. RegEditX extends the standard Windows Registry Editor (REGEDIT), so you don't have to learn new ways of accomplishing tasks you already know how to perform. Just keep using the same familiar Registry Editor --- more efficiently.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this registry cleaner software.

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