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  • Date: Aug 12, 2012
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Redirect Cleaner Download
Free Download Redirect Cleaner 2.1.0

Redirect Cleaner is a Firefox extension designed to remove redirects from any link. easily cleans redirects from links.
Many websites try to track your clicks and try to track your external websites by using Redirects! Redirect Cleaner replaces the original link with the cleaned link! This will enhance privacy, increase transparency and speed up browsing.

Please Notice: On some websites login links and social bookmarking links are cleaned as well!
You can add websites to the Whitelist, e.g. All Redirects on whitelisted websites will not be cleaned! Or you can Unclean Links from the Context Menu: Redirect Cleaner replaces the cleaned link with the original link.

* ->
* ->
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* javascript:windowOpen(,800,600) ->

* Left Click: Disable Redirect Cleaner / Enable Redirect Cleaner
* Middle Click: Options
* Right Click: Show Redirects

* View Log Messages in Error Console.

* Firefox.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this browser plug-ins software.

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