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Real Time Work Log Download
Free Download Real Time Work Log 2.7.1

Real Time Work Log is a useful tool for tracking the time spend on your projects. RTWL (Real Time Work Log) is a program that allows users to automatically track/log the time spent on Documents and/or Programs, with minimum intervention.

Automated Time Tracking
1. Tracks PC usage
2. Records time as you work
3. Works in the background
4. Eliminates manual time sheets

1. Track most Windows based application
2. Exports data for use with other programs
3. Supports multiple users

1. Time spent per client
2. Detailed reports
3. Details project work distribution
4. Easy client management

Save Time & Money
1. Free time for productivity
2. Provides real time labor costs
3. Helps predict project labor time and costs
4. Helps focus on the real work

If you encounter an issue with RTWLog application, please follow the steps below
1. Confirm you can reproduce the error
2. Document the steps you took
3. Confirm you can reproduce the error
4. List the application running while the error happened
5. Take screenshot of the error
6. Click on windows start button + R and type "msinfo32"
7. Select export from the file menu
8. Save the file on your desktop as a text file

Real Time Work Log Features:
1. Automatically Collects Work Time
Track time spent per clients, projects, applications, documents and user activates on your computer. Displays a comprehensive report on time spent and cost associated with your projects
2. Quick Start
RTWLog track by default Microsoft office Application and Open Office Applications. Install RTWLog and start tracking the work with the default tracked applications
3. Client Management
Add clients, projects and associate documents and activities to track respectively.
4. Document Tracking
Associate documents to project and client and track the time worked on this document every time
5. Auto Detect
Works in the background with minimum user interactions, detects if a document is already assign to a project/client otherwise provide a reminder to associate document to client/project
6. Document Association
Allows fast association of documents to a projects using RTWLog Proposed Project pane
7. Proposed Project
Display a quick reminder to users to associate new document with a project. If the document already associates with a project RTWLog display a reminder to what project the document is associated to
8. Activity Timer
Time and log activities using a timer, meetings, calls, etc or define yours
9. Add Time
Add manual time for activities done away from the computer, travel time out of the office meetings etc or define yours
10. Various Reports
Analyze time spent on clients' projects and documents. See how much time spent per client against the charge/cost. Compare projects against another; identify large clients based on time and cost reports
11. Report Filter
Use RTWLog Report Filter and grouping capability to display powerfull reports using Dates, Clients, Projects, Applications used and Users filters
12. Print Report
Print reports on a printer for report hard copies
13. Report Export
Export reports to CSV file for use with other applications. Use exported data with spreadsheet for farther analysis.
14. Days Log
Display one day work with one click. Navigate between days and view a list of document/events and their association to project, clients and time spent for each one of them for the selected day
15. Modify Document Association
Update documents association to project retroactive as needed
16. Idle Time
Detects when the computer is idle - no user activity on the computer
17. Add Program to Track
Add new programs for RTWLog o track. RTWLog can track most windows applications running on Windows operation systems
18. Auto Start
RTWLog starts every time windows starts eliminating the need to start tracking application manually (user can disable this feature)
19. Local Database
Local database collects all data defined by user on the local PC and used for extracting reports
20. Network Database
Install RTWLog on the network to allow multiple users to write data to the database for collecting time tracking from multiple users.
21. Multi User
Track multiple user accounts working on the same PC to allow user level reporting
22. Archive Data
Archive old data helps remove data not in use any more to improve report performance and reduce unnecessary data display when project complete
23. Restore Data
Restore old data from the archive to display data in reports

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $59.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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