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  • Date: Mar 03, 2011
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ReadyShipper Download
Free Download ReadyShipper 6.0.5

ReadyShipper was built for your business. It is a system simple enough for the small business shipping 10 packages a day and robust enough for the enterprise that will ship thousands. Import as many as a thousand orders in less than 20 seconds, view them, sort them, and ship them. Its that easy.

Now available for the Mac and PC, ReadyShipper is ecommerce ready and supports many of today's popular shopping carts and order management systems. Instantly connect, import and ship orders from Amazon, PayPal, QuickBooks, Network Solutions and others.

Every download delivers a robust shipping solution you won't find anywhere else. You'll get USPS shipping featuring postage and your choice of UPS or FedEx. ReadyShipper is loaded with features to bring a whole new level of efficiency to your shipping routine.

Included Imports and Shippers
1. UPS or FedEx Shipping
2. USPS Shipping
3. ODBC Order Import
4. CSV Order File ImportCSV Order File Import
5. Postage and Labeling
6. Yahoo! Order Import
7. 3dCart Order Import
8. NetworkSolutions Order Import
9. PayPal Order Import
10. Beanbasket Order Import

Available Add-on Modules
1. ShopSite Module (FREE)
2. NEW Amazon Module (FREE!)
3. OrderMotion Module
4. QuickBooks Module
5. UPS Mail Innovations Module
6. ShopVisible Importer (FREE!)
7. FTP Order Tracking Uploader
8. UPS WorldShip 11 Module
9. Home Shopping Network Module
10. Ready-Made Label Forms

ReadyShipper 5 Bonus Features
1. Real-Time Rates
2. International Labeling and Docs
3. USB Scale Support
4. Cost-Saving Shipping Insurance

ReadyShipper Features:
1. FedEx, UPS and USPS Ready
Download ReadyShipper now and you'll be shipping in minutes. ReadyShipper is ecommerce ready and comes pre-integrated with your choice of FedEx or UPS with USPS shipping featuring Import and ship your orders individually or in batch, ReadyShipper is easy to use and will help you ship more orders in less time.

2. International Shipping
ReadyShipper now supports international shipping and documentation through virtually every supported shipping method. UPS, FedEx, and WorldShip are now ready to handle your international orders individually or in batch.

3. USB Scale Support
ReadyShipper now features USB scale support for the PC and Mac. A universal USB scale driver is installed with ReadyShipper 5 for use with your scale and many other scales supporting this universal driver. Just drop your package on the scale and the weight will be automatically entered into ReadyShipper.

4. Real-Time Rates
You can now review real-time shipping costs and estimated delivery times before shipping! See a full breakdown of the costs and services offered by UPS or FedEx and USPS featuring This is not rate comparison but a comprehensive table that displays all available methods and costs on a per-carrier basis so you can make the best decision for your shipments.

5. Export Anything
Easily make custom exports for sales, accounting, vendors, customers or any application that will accept a CSV file. The new Export Tracking CSV feature gives you the tools to instantly add the information, title and columns to easily arrange a new report for CSV export. Each report can have its own unique name and there is no limit to how many reports you can make.

6. Powerful and Secure Database
ReadyShipper's powerful database safely stores your completed shipments for future reference. Use it to review or track your shipments or even create shipment export files in CSV or XML formats.

7. Advanced Automators
Out of the box, ReadyShipper delivers the tools to automate your daily shipping routine. These Automators include email notification, ship-type converters, batch updaters, address validation and more.

8. Make-A-Label and Address Book
ReadyShipper's new Make-A-Label feature give you the flexibility to create your own shipping label or packing list on demand. To save you time, it includes a powerful address book to quickly add your shipped addresses and even your products.

9. Dimensional Shipping Support
Do a lot of overnight shipping? ReadyShipper fully supports dimensional shipping to save you money on many types of overnight or USPS shipments. Add package dimensions as you go or use ReadyShipper's auto-fill feature to complete box dimensions for commonly sized packages.

10. Auto-Email Confirmations
Automatically send a confirmation email, complete with tracking number, with every shipment. Easily add your customer service message along with your logos and graphics for a professional look.

11. Set-up Support
To help you get started, 10 days of support is included with your ReadyShipper subscription. We're here to answer your questions and help you get up and running quickly. ReadyShipping is also rich with help features to address many FAQs.

12. Built-in Web Tools
ReadyShipper quickly installs on your PC or Mac and leverages the Internet to verify addresses, create shipping labels, and communicate with your shopping cart. ReadyShipper includes everything you need. No 3rd party software is required.

13. Easily Expandable
ReadyShipper is expandable shipping software, built to grow with the needs of your business. Our growing catalog of modules install to deliver new features and functions ranging from accounting software integration to custom all-in-one forms. Many of these modules are free and almost all are free to try. See what's new on the modules page.

14. eCommerce Ready
Chances are, ReadyShipper works with your shopping cart. Every download of ReadyShipper includes imports for Yahoo! Store, Amazon, PayPal, Network Solutions and others. It also supports ODBC connections and CSV files, so if you can get an order file to export from you shopping cart, it can be imported into ReadyShipper.

15. Works with your Printer
ReadyShipper supports your laser, ink jet or thermal printer. Quickly print your orders one-by-one or in batch. Even reprint shipping labels and packing lists as PDF files, they make a great proof-of-shipment document.

16. Packing List and Product Support
Product auto-fill is an enterprise level feature, and its included in every download of ReadyShipper. Easily create an all-in-one packing list and shipping label with as little as a shipping address, part number and quantity. When active, ReadyShipper will use this information to access its Product table to fill in the blanks and produce professional grade shipping forms.

17. Robust Reporting
Instantly create pick lists, daily shipping manifests, or stunning graphics of your shipping activity. ReadyShipper is loaded with reporting features to keep you organized and shipping efficiently.

18. Automatically Import Orders
Now you can set ReadyShipper to automatically import your order files. The Auto-Importer works with your CSV, XML or database, by ODBC, to instantly import and notify you of new orders.

19. Weight-Based Converter
Now that is included in every download, this is a feature that you don't want to be without. You can now use ReadyShipper to automatically sort your orders by weight and assign those lighter packages to ship cost effectively by USPS.

20. Easy to Setup and Make Your Own
ReadyShipper may be the easiest shipping software you will ever use. Its settings include pre designed packing lists and shipping labels as well features designed form shipping from multiple business names.

21. And More
The list goes on and on. Additional features include fully integrated real-time package tracking, drag and drop box management and more. Get ReadyShipper today!

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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