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Raketu is unique technology delivering integrated Communications, Information and Entertainment in brand new way. Raketu's allow it's users to enjoy many functions: voice calling (multi-line and conferencing), dialing out to landline/mobile.

Raketu supports any IM (Yahoo,MSN,Skype,AOL,ICQ,Google), conferencing across IM's, SMS texting, file transfer, email. Information part of the program allows users to read news/sports/weather/stock/podcast feeds, integrated search and travel search. To be entertained Raketu users may enjoy full media player with karaoke or games.
Raketu operates on dialup or broadband with amazing 36 kb minimum internet connection requirement. User can meet other users at Raketu's club/forum at www.raketeer.com or just ask for help or seek information.

Communication - Where It All Begins!
1. Calls (8 different type of call with Raketu)
Click on the link to see which type of calls will be the best for you.

2. Raketu for Mobile phone
Click on the link to see how can you use Raketu with your mobile phone.

3. Conference (Voice/IM)
Free Raketu offers two kinds of conferences: IM conference & Voice conference. If you are a broadband user, you can host call conference of up to 5 users running Raketu program, participants can be on dial-up. Raketu users can also initiate a Raketu IM conference session with up to 10 Raketu users.

4. SMS-Texting
Raketu's SMS feature helps you to send SMS anywhere in the world for the lowest price from Raketu software and also from Raketu's website (RakWeb).

5. Any instant messenger (Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Google, Skype, Jabber), with conferencing across?
Free using Multi-Messenger, send instant messages to other messengers without having the messenger installed on your computer. All you need is an ID and password for each of the messengers you wish to connect to. Multi-Messenger bridge will connect you. You can even conference between the messengers.

6. File transfer
Free Transfer any type of the file to your Raketu contacts.

7. Email support
Free Get alert notification sent by Raketu right on your desktop whenever you receive Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo emails

8. Offline messaging
Free Send a Raketu offline message to your friends and they will receive it as soon as they logon to Raketu.

9. Send a Rakwave
Free send Rakwave that is how you can contact any Raketu user who has this function allowed in his/her settings, even if they are not in your contact list.

10. Send Email
Free...Raketu's Email feature allows you to send email up to five email addresses right from Raketu software as well as from Raketu's website (RakWeb).

11. Coming Soon
Advanced voicemail features while offline rakIn/Calling function.

Entertainment - Time for Fun!
1. ipTV
ipTV in Raketu. Look at ratings, select TV channel, and have fun. VOD - Video on Demand
2. Watch your favorite movie anytime you like. Built-in full multi-media player
Free full media player with many functions like playlists, groups, streamed or local content Karaoke. Play your favorite music or watch video/film on the screen which dynamically resizes according to your needs.

3. Podcast reader/manager built-in
Free download those podcasts, play them, save them and share them. You can pre-set downloads of your podcasts and Raketu will do the rest. You just listen and have fun.

4. Play Games
Free demonstration game available under "Features & Services"->"Games".

5. Picture Viewer
Free view your pictures or Power Point presentation as slideshow with music in background

6. Coming Soon
More games more fun, fun, fun Podcast creator/publisher Media content.

Information - Knowledge Is Power!
1. News/Sports feeds
Free choose from the list, cut and paste your own, or enter your own word or phrase and Raketu will bring you the news you are looking for. You can see the news pre-view on the Raketu interface if you choose.

2. Weather feeds
Free from around the world get the weather in Raketu

3. Stock feeds
Free from NY, London, HK and other exchanges in the world, see how your stock is doing in 15 min delayed stock quotes.

4. Stock feed alerts
Free set up alerts and Raketu will alert you through a Raketu alert or an SMS-text message if your stock has moved to the price range you have specified or by price %.

5. Integrated Search
Free enter your search word or phrase and choose what to search for-web, merchandise, recipes, restaurants, music, concerts, and Raketu will get the information for you.

6. Integrated Travel search
Free search for car rentals, flights, vacations, hotels. You can even see the information about a flight in progress. See where it is on the map and if there is a delay or not.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this instant messenger software.

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