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  • Date: Sep 08, 2012
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RNA-QualityCenter Download
Free Download RNA-QualityCenter 1.2.1

RNA-QualityCenter is a useful ReportsDNA extension. Create defect reports from HP Quality Center using the RNA-QualityCenter extension. Enhancement: updated digital certificate.

1 Server:port
The Quality Center web server and port number.
For example: if your Quality Center website address is TheScripter:8080/qcbin then enter TheScripter:8080

2 Domain Enter the Domain name (e.g. DEFAULT)

3 Project Enter the project

4 User name
Login user name

5 Password
Login password

6 Favorites button
This button is enabled when the Quality Center configuration information (server, domain, project, user name and password) is entered. Clicking the button will present a listing of all favorite views (personal and private) available to the user entered in the user name field.

7 Release Connection button
Click this button to release all connections ReportsDNA has made to Quality Center. This is useful when you have changed a favorite's setting after you've generated a report. The changes made to a favorite (e.g., fields, sort order, filters) while ReportsDNA has an open connection to Quality Center may not be visible untli after the connection is released.

8 OK button
Saves the report's settings.

9 Cancel button
Closes the report setting form without saving the settings.

* ReportsDNA version 1.1 or greater
* HP Quality Center

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this office suite software.

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