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Generate SQL Server databaseThe RISE Editor is a graphical tool for creating and maintaining information systems.

Model-driven development generate database, app layer and web services. RISE is a software suite for model driven information system development. It's packed with features and functions needed to build your information model and turn it into a complete system solution.

RISE is a software suite for Information System Engineering. It's a tool for model driven system development, packed with features and functions needed to build your information model and to turn it into a complete information management solution. It bridges communication barriers and covers the entire development chain from idea to maintenance.

RISE Editor Features:
Entity Relationship Diagrams
1. Multiple diagrams
2. Crow's foot notation
3. UML notation
4. Fully graphical editing
5. Entities
6. Relationships
7. Composite elements
8. Annotations
10. Interfaces with methods

Entity modeling
1. Multiple attributes
2. Text attributes
3. Numeric attributes
4. Date attributes
5. Boolean attributes
6. BLOB/file attributes
7. Uniqueness constaints
8. Nullable attributes
9. Default values
10. Custom constraints

Relationship modeling
1. Stereotypes for all bilateral relations
2. End-point cardinality
3. Mandatory end-points
4. Optional (null) end-points

Drawing features
1. Automatic object alignment
2. Move and resize
3. Align; center, horizontal, vertical
4. Distribute; vertically, horizontally
5. Space equally; vertically, horizontally
6. Cascade objects
7. Copy to clipboard
8. Save as image (png, wmf etc.)

Solution features
1. Automatic naming conventions
2. Cascading changes and names
3. Refactoring of model
4. Guaranteed model consistency
5. Automatic interface composition
6. Automatic model documentation
7. Built-in web service test utility

Collaborative features
1. Deploy directly in database
2. Deploy directly on web site
3. Integrated with Cloud solution
4. Centralized server development
5. Allows multiple developers

SQL utility tool
1. Browse database tables and views
2. Analyze column details
3. General purpose SQL prompt
4. SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre, Oracle, DB2

Relational database generators
1. Supports SQL Server
2. Supports MySQL
3. Supports PostgreSQL
4. Generates SQL/DDL database
5. Incremental database update
6. Creates and updates tables
7. Manages column changes
8. Generates default values
9. Generates foreign keys
10. Generates constraints & indexes
11. Creates views
12. Inserts model default data

Application code generators
1. Generates programming interface
2. Generates c# code
3. Generates PHP/mysqli code
4. Generates PHP/postgres code
5. Generates SOAP web services
6. Generates persistance layer
7. Convention based stereotypes
8. Access from any language or IDE
9. Use directly in integration engine

Interface/method editor
1. Requires no programming skills
2. Stereotype based methods
3. Edit method arguments
4. Edit method returns set
5. Edit method filtering criterias
6. Edit method result set sorting
7. Supports custom code methods

Method orchestration
1. Requires no programming skills
2. Drag-n-drop to aggregate methods
3. Detailed aggregation control
4. Automatically remains consistent

View editor
1. Requires no SQL skills
2. Combine entities and views
3. Automated joins
4. Filtering criterias

Index modeling
1. Requires no SQL skills
2. Compose indexes
3. Supports attributes and relations
4. Search indexes
5. Unique indexes

Import database
1. Import tables and columns
2. Import views as entities
3. SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, DB2

The RISE Editor is a graphical tool for creating and maintaining information system models and their application layer functionality. RISE supports Entity Relationship Diagrams using the Information Engineering notation (crow's foot). This notation is suitable for printout of real world models, i.e. large models, because of its space conservative handling of relationships. You can use RISE to generate the database layer as well as the application layer (web services) based on your model.

Import database:
* Import tables and columns
* Import views as entities
* SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, DB2

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this flowchart & diagram software.

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