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  • Date: Sep 07, 2009
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Free Download Qvinci Basic 2.6.15

Qvinci uses forward looking tools, key performance indicators, and a dashboard to provide the fastest holistic visibility for your company. You can SEE your Profit and Loss for the current month, last month, and year to date. Your Accounts Receivable in a convenient graphical format. Basic gives you a preview of Qvinci Pro.

Qvinci Adds Power to QuickBooks. Qvinci easily handles key parameters would be cumbersome to monitor in QuickBooks. These include average aging, average accounts receivables and accounts payable and break-even points.

Qvinci Basic is an application created to help you analyze your critical QuickBooks company data with a couple clicks. Qvinci uses forward looking tools, key performance indicators, and a dashboard to provide the fastest holistic visibility for your company. You can see your Profit and Loss for the current month, last month, and year to date. Your Accounts Receivable is available in an easy to read graphical format. In addition to these and other tools, Qvinci Basic gives you a preview of Qvinci Pro capabilities, such as Excel importing, proforma, sales forecast, top ten reports and break-even analysis.

Maximize Your Effectiveness
More Time for Driving Business
1. Reduce time needed to analyze financial reports
2. Instantly click through the most important information
3. Build your business intelligence dashboard once and use it repeatedly
4. Develop custom QuickBooks reports in as little as 10 minutes

Improve Decisions
1. Easily see relationships and trends on custom KPI dashboards
2. Built-in financial accounting and reporting tools automate analysis
3. Don't wait until the month is complete to take action

Avoid Surprises
1. Early warning indicators show projected problems
2. Real time business intelligence helps with proactive decisions
3. Collaboration using Qvinci QuickBooks dashboards means everyone is on the same page.

Control Costs
Identify and Act on Low Performers
1. KPI dashboard software lets you compare performance by class, company, etc
2. Track your top ten reps, vendors, and clients
3. Automatically monitor relationships and trends

Avoid Costly Mistakes with Real-Time Business Intelligence
1. A wide variety of early warning indicators are available
2. Custom management dashboard data can be updated in minutes
3. Early detection is key

Monitor AR, AP, and Cashflow on Your Accounting Dashboard
1. Automated tools present the most meaningful data
2. See all receivables by client and date
3. Take action before aging becomes a problem

Better Understanding, Better Decisions
Instant QuickBooks Reporting and Visibility
1. No exporting of QuickBooks financial data required
2. Constant connection to QuickBooks data
3. Charts and graphs instantaneously updated
4. QuickBooks add on software creates dashboard reports not currently possible

Relational and Graphical Presentations
1. Hard to digest QuickBooks reports are turned into easy to understand graphical displays
2. Easy tracking of relationships and trends
3. Export any management dashboard element to jpg, png, gif, or pdf

Drill down into underlying QuickBooks data
1. Click a chart, select a point, and Qvinci does the rest
2. See all transactions that make up a graph
3. Easily identify accounting errors in minutes

Improve Communication and Execution
Employees Look at Same Key Indicators
1. Share KPI dashboard software across the entire company
2. All financial dashboards update instantly
3. Business metrics dashboard collaboration reduces the need for meetings

Establish Goals and Objectives
1. Use Excel to create KPI dashboards
2. QuickBooks and Excel data on the same screen
3. Establishing metrics is key to improving execution

Measure Productivity
1. Automatically view daily, weekly and monthly activity
2. Import Excel to design your own business intelligence dashboards
3. Share performance metrics with staff in minutes
4. Budget-to-Actual Reports monitor performance

Exporting financial and accounting data from QuickBooks into Microsoft Excel for further analysis is nothing new. But the export and import process requires that your evaluation only cover a specific moment - a snapshot in time. This may be fine when analyzing what occurred over a quarter or other financial period, but when you want to evaluate a different period or incorporate new data, you have to repeat the export and import process.

Qvinci offers a powerful tool called a "trigger" that lets you set targets or thresholds for any financial data in a QuickBooks file. You can use triggers to depict targets (high points that you wish to hit) as well as thresholds (low points that you don't wish to fall below).

Building a chart is easy. You first select a location for a chart on a page and click the Place Here icon. Qvinci automatically opens the report generator and lets you choose the type of report (bar, pie, line, torus, etc.) and set the range (monthly, calendar year, etc). From here, you can select the items that you wish to monitor (for example, total income or expense).

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this accounting software.

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