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  • Date: Jan 12, 2011
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This application reinvents character modeling to make it natural, productive and to let you sign your own creations. The days of spending hours manipulating polygons is over. QUIDAM is a complex application which reinvents character modeling to make it natural, productive and to let you sign your own creations.
QUIDAM does not provide single models but dynamic bases and each one includes a multitude of body parts, props, clothes, textures... to create millions of characters!

1. Combine
Compose thousands of unique characters with the numerous body parts and props available. Add the props you like or import your own objects directly to place them on the skeleton.

2. Sculpt
QUIDAM's Sculpture Studio offers a complete set of original, powerful and natural sculpting tools to let you knead and put the finishing touches to your character. With QUIDAM, it's you who creates your characters, not the software!

3. Paint
The drawing tools let you paint in real time onto your models.
Discover a natural way to apply colors, textures, transparency, bump or normal maps as if you were painting on a canvas.
4. Pose
With QUIDAM's direct manipulation system, you can give an attitude to your characters in a few clicks.
Use the available preset poses or create yours. You can save and store them.

5. Render
Your character is ready.
In a blink, QUIDAM produces a high quality image for printing and editing in retouching software.
6. Export
Thanks to additional plug-ins, export directly your ready-to-be-animated creation (equipped with its textures, UV, bones and skinning) into Maya, 3DS Max, LightWave, Cinema 4D, Carrara... Multi resolution, your characters can be exported at the resolution of your choice!

* 30 days trial
* No 3D export
* Watermarked background and textures
* Rendered images size limited to viewport
* Skeleton editing mode unavailable
* Limited content
* No access to free online content
* Nag screen

Dynamic data bases able to generate from thousands to billions unique multiresolution 3D characters each:
1. Realistic: male base and female base
2. Heads: male head and female head (articulated or not)
3. Semi-realistic, Manga: male base and female base
4. Semi-realistic, Fantasy and Sci-Fi: warrior
5. Misc: little monsters and original creatures
6. .QUI Bank: extended library of unique characters generated from the available Models Packs, regularly enriched and can stock user custom models
7. Models Pack Pro - Additional bases: girl, boy and woman bases

To store and retrieve instantly all kind of items: props, images, textures, materials, 3D objects, environments, lights, transformations (morphs), etc.

Dozens of items are available to enrich your scenes:
1. 3D Objects: Haircuts, props, decors
2. Floors and Backgrounds
3. Poses, Hand Poses
4. Brushes
5. Materials
6. Lights
7. Cameras
8. Scenes

1. Visualization, navigation and editing in real time 3D
2. Immersive interface or full screen mode (without icons/interface)
3. Editing with symmetry option is always available
4. Totally intuitive unfolding control panels for lighting, axis constraints and 3D views
5. Props Manipulator

OpenGL real-time render
1. Display options (wire frame, faces, smoothed)
2. Advanced cartoon rendering: color contour settings, number of tint areas settings
3. Environmental mapping
4. Background image
5. Real time bump-mapping (Normals mapping)
6. Cast Shadows and Self Shadows
7. Reference image mode: import six images behind model
8. Advanced Triangulation to display and export not convex polygons

Combination studio
1. Combining anatomical elements of model
2. Adding clothing and accessories
3. Function "random mix"
4. Detailed eyes: eyes divided into 3 parts (sclera, iris and cornea) for more realism
5. Custom Props: import your personal accessories on your characters

Proportion studio
1. Automatic adjustments of body and head proportions by presets on grid
2. Real time editing of proportions of all elements direct on the character

Sculpture studio
1. Move, rotate, scale and blur/sharpen
2. Symmetry mode available for all tools
3. Brushes for smooth selection, with intuitive brush editor and presets
4. Advanced UV Edition directly on the 3D models
5. Large choice of selection modes (one by one, select by frame, etc.)
6. Selection filters (point, edge, face)
7. Editing along Normals, axis constraints or in the camera plane
8. Select through (to include geometric elements not visible)
9. Natural and direct sculpting tools ("Jelly Brushes"): model as if you were drawing!
10. Control on smooth angle and edge sharpness
11. Geometry eraser tool
12. Central Auto-correct option to avoid symmetry distortion
13. Command to flip the normals of a face selection

Pose studio
1. Presets for poses for body and hands
2. Direct manipulation on 3D character's skeleton
3. Reset of character to ground
4. Custom Poses: creation of personal poses libraries reusable later on characters
5. Rotation system for eyes
6. Automatic transfer of the Character Skinning to the Custom Props (personal imported object)
7. Skinning edition ("Weight Paint") for all objects
8. "Advanced Skinning" palette and "Autoskin" feature to automatically compute the character skinning weights
9. "Smooth Weights" to mix the skinning weights on tricky areas
10. Advanced Skeleton Edition: preset skeletons catalog, precise tuning for neutral pose and joints

Texture studio
1. Settings for material and texture of objects
2. Settings for quality of skin (speckles, wrinkles, hair, etc.)
3. Application of custom textures, images and bumps
4. Real time editing of textures directly on the character
5. High resolution textures for the bases Woman and Man
6. Environment reflection ("envmap")
7. 3D Paint: a complete drawing tool palette to paint directly on the 3D models. All the channels: color, texture, transparency, emboss. Interactive brush settings, preset brushes catalog. A lot of available options.
8. External Paint: textures transfer from the 3D model to any 2D tool (Photoshop, Painter, Gimp etc.) and automatic update of the 3D scene 3D once textures are saved in the 2D tool.
9. AutoMapping: UV projection systeme (spherical, planar, cylindrical, etc.)
10. Adjustable Resolution
11. Graphic tablets support
12. Advanced material settings for the Raytracing Renderer

Render studio
1. Any resolution
2. High quality render
3. Antialiasing
4. Multi-channel exports (character, shadow, mask, etc.)
5. Raytracing renderer
6. Advanced light settings for the Raytracing Renderer

3D Import
1. Visualization and retouching models in OBJ format by simple drag and drop
2. QDM Import
3. Advanced symmetry detection for files with symmetry precision problems. Symmetry detection threshold tuning
4. Generation of mesh through subdivision
5. Import of custom props

3D Export
1. Basic format (only geometry): OBJ
2. Format with skeleton and skinning for animation: LWO/LWS (Lightwave)*, QDM (proprietary format N-Sided)
3. QDM import plug-ins available for 3DS MAX, Maya, Cinema 4D and Carrara*
4. COLLADA export plug-in*
5. Export UV maps (vectorial* or bitmap format)
6. Model size adjustment during export
7. "Export from List" command to export only a selection of objects

Detailed contents of product
1. The program and its documentation
2. 9 databases of multi resolution characters, equivalent to tens of billions of unique characters
3. .Qui Bank: tens of predefined advanced models
4. Catalogs: dozens of objects and textures to enrich your scenes
5. Export plug-in for OBJ and QDM 3D formats
6. Export 2D of images and associated channels

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR199.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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