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QuickUML is a highly integrated design tool that implements a core set of the Unified Modeling Language (UML). UML is a modeling language or notation that originated by the convergence of previous object-oriented notations and methods including those of Booch, OMT and Jacobson.

An object-oriented design method consists of both the graphical notation used to express and communicate the design and a process that gives step-by-step advice on how to do the design. As UML has progressed through the OMG standardization process it has attained widespread industry support as the notation used to express object-oriented software.

UML provides a rich set of graphic diagrams that model different views of an object-oriented system. MacA&D for Macintosh and WinA&D for Windows implement the full UML notation. Some designers feel that the full UML notation presents a steep learning curve and requires too much overhead for their current projects. QuickUML presents a good solution for agile methods.

QuickUML supports textual use case descriptions, package and class diagrams, object sequence diagrams and code files integrated into a seamless environment navigated by a single tabbed window. Each tab in the QuickUML window presents a panel with a contents view and editing view.

QuickUML Features:
1. Use Case Descriptions Linked to Models, Code and Foreign Documents
2. Class and Package Diagrams with Rich Presentation Options
3. Sequence Diagrams to Model Object Interactions
4. Diagram Navigation, Printing, Leveling, Validation and Image File Export
5. Dictionary with Design Namespaces, Stereotypes, Text Import and Export
6. One-Click Code Generation for C++, Java, Delphi, Objective-C or PHP
7. Code Editor with File Management Linked to Models, Dictionary and Use Cases
8. Class Models from Code with MacTranslator or WinTranslator Tools

* Import features are disabled
* Restricts the amount of data that can be saved to disk

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $195.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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