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  • Date: Apr 20, 2012
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The Quick Performance Monitor is a small utility helps to monitor performance counters without using the full blown perfmon tool from Windows. It supports a number of command line parameters and can be launched from batch files or shortcuts.
This small utility was developed to help monitor sets of performance counters quickly and (only) as needed. It is based on C2DPushGraph graph control but I have customized and enhanced it quite a bit for my needs. The main aim for the utility is to be really 'simple' without too many fancies - but it is evolving and more things might get added over time.

The tool must be executed with parameters. At the moment there is no restriction on the number of performance counters that can be specified although it would be impractical to specify too many. Each performance counter specified must looks like this:

[Machine name]\[Category]\[Counter name]\[Instance name]\[scale]

1. The machine name is the name of the computer where the performance counter is published.
2. The category of the performance counter
3. The name of the performance counter
4. The instance name if it exists
5. the scale of the performance counter (default = 1)

An example:
".\Processor\% Processor Time\_Total\1"

Additional parameters
The following additional parameters can be specified:
-max: Set the initial Y axis maximum value (default = 100)
-lt: Set the default line thickness (default = 1)
-title: Set a customized title for the window (helps if you have several windows open)

Although adding and removing performance counters during run-time is not allowed (perhaps one day) you can customize the following while running:
Updating frequency/Pause
Color of each line/counter
Scale of each line/counter

* NET Framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this system monitor software.

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