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  • Version: 1.7.4
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  • Date: Mar 31, 2011
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Quick Locale Switcher Download
Free Download Quick Locale Switcher 1.7.4

Quick Locale Switcher allows you to quickly switch to a different language (User Interface, Spell Checker and/or Website content) in your Mozilla application.

Quick Locale Switcher Features:
1. Handy tool for all people involved with multilingual usage of Mozilla applications.
2. Switches the Mozilla User Interface language (general.useragent.locale preference)
3. Switches the accept_language preference, so complete websites will be translated. (if the http accept language header is supported, e.g. like Google does)
4. Switches the Spell Checker Dictionary preference. (if supported by your Mozilla application)
5. Remembers the dictionary and content locale for each site and automatically switches when you load that site. It also tries to detect the language of sites itself, and if found automatically switches to that language. In Thunderbird the automatic switching is based on e-mail addresses.
6. Auto restarts the application in versions 1.4+ (only if needed)
7. Includes country flag icons for 'all' countries by famfamfam.com.
8. Displays the flag of the currently selected locale on your statusbar.
9. Add 3 of your own custom defined locales.
10. Select from a list of ~200 locales which locales should be visible in the menu.
11. Select which settings you want to switch.
12. Available for Firefox 1.0 - 3.0, Thunderbird 1.0 - 2.0, NVU 1.0, Mozilla Suite 1.7, Seamonkey, Sunbird, Flock and Netscape
13. Available in: en-US, nl-NL, fr-FR, it-IT, de-DE, es-ES, tr-TR, ko-KR, pl-PL, cs-CZ, bg-BG, pt-PT, sl-SI, zh-CN, sk-SK, ru-RU, fy-NL, zh-TW, pt-BR, da-DK, lt-LT, ja-JP-mac, gl-ES, sq-AL, he-IL, en-GB, fa-IR, km-KH, uk-UA, hr-HR, be-BY, ro-RO, es-AR, hu-HU, nb-NO, fi-FI, ca-AD, ar, ml-IN, wa-BE, is-IS, mk-MK
14. Note! After adding the toolbar button (menu View/toolbars/Customize) you need to restart your Mozilla application before it actually works

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this browser plug-ins software.

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