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  • Date: Mar 02, 2014
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Quest Download
Free Download Quest 5.5

Quest is an adventure game development system which allows you to create text adventures using a visual editor. It allows you to create and play single-player or multi-player online adventure games. The included QuestNet Server lets you host multi-player games on your own computer. It lets you make make text adventure games - and you don't need to know how to program. You can even create and play online multiplayer adventure games, and you can include graphics and sounds too.
Quest brings 1980's-style text adventure games up to date. Now you can create your own exciting text adventure, and you don't need to know how to program.
Easy-to-use visual editor
No programming required. Everything about your game is displayed in plain English, and a full tutorial is included. If you've ever wanted to create your own game, but have been put off by complicated programming languages, Quest is a great way to get started.

* Use graphics and sounds
You're not limited to text - your games can come alive with pictures, sound effects and music.
* Create sophisticated games
Although Quest is easy to use, it can let you create games as complex as you like. You can create powerful scripts, all using the plain English editor, to get your game to work exactly how you want it.
* Make online multiplayer games
With QuestNet Server you can even host online multiplayer games over a network or the internet.
* Educational
Students can learn through creating their own games, or games that you create yourself.
* 30 day money back guarantee - order now. You've got nothing to lose - if for any reason you are not satisfied, simply let us know and we'll refund your money in full.

Quest Features
Create Games Easily
1. No programming knowledge necessary
2. Everything about your game is displayed in plain English
3. A full tutorial is included
4. Reference guide included for Quest's more advanced functions

The Game World
1. Rooms
2. Objects
3. Characters
4. Containers
5. Surfaces
6. Pick up and drop objects
7. Use objects on other objects
8. Give objects to characters

1. Easily add commands, so players can do what you want them to do
2. Use scripts to make absolutely anything happen in your game
3. Move the player, move objects, hide objects
4. Display menus
5. Run procedures/subroutines
6. Functions
7. Loops
8. Conditional "if" statements
9. Change object properties
10. Create and clone objects
11. Variables
12. Flags
13. Timers
14. External libraries
15. Random number generation
16. String handling functions
17. Arrays
18. Inheritance of object properties

Pictures and Sounds
1. Full control over text formatting, fonts and colours
2. Display pictures - BMP, GIF, JPEG
3. Play music and sounds - MP3, WAV, MIDI, MOD

Packaging Your Game
1. Quest Compiler encrypts your game so others can't edit it or cheat
2. All included graphics and sounds can be put into one file

1. Watch variables
2. Error log
3. Object Debugger - view and change object properties during the game
4. View timer information
5. Record and play back transcripts

Playing the Game
1. Save and load at any point
2. Remembers the commands players have used
3. On-screen lists and buttons for looking at objects, navigating through the game etc., so players don't always have to type commands (optional)
4. Text-to-speech option

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this arcade game software.

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