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  • Date: Jul 30, 2013
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QTM Download
Free Download QTM 1.3.14

QTM can help you to create your blog entries, it is a blogging client which is presently capable of composing, formatting and submitting blog entries to a weblog. QTM will work with blogs based on most of the major blogging systems available today: Wordpress (including wordpress.com), Movable Type, Drupal and so on.

QTM, as the name implies, is based on the Qt graphical user interface toolkit. It requires at least version 4.1 of the toolkit (not version 3.3 which is used in the version of KDE delivered with most current Linux distributions). The toolkit, and thus QTM itself, is available for Windows and all Unix-based operating systems including Mac OS X; in fact, it is supplied with most GNU/Linux distributions including SUSE, Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu and Debian. The downloadable version of QTM for the Mac includes the latest version of Qt.

QTM is a desktop application for interacting with blogging and other content management systems. It is presently compatible with Wordpress, Movable Type, Drupal and Textpattern (but not with Blogger). It is used to write content for this website.

QTM, and this book, are written by Matthew Smith, a blogger and Qt programmer from south London (England).

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this blog software.

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