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Free Download Q-Project 4.0 Beta

Manage Projects with Microsoft CRM. Manage resources, facilities & project subcontractors in one environment. As Microsoft CRM user, you will find Q-Project the best way to manage projects as an integrated solution with Microsoft CRM & Outlook.

Q-Project provides mechanism for constant and effective communication among everyone involved in the project, to achieve agreement among the project team, customer and management on the project's goals, overall path, required resources, budget, the necessary equipment & facilities, and clear responsibilities of each team member.

Project management is all about being organized and providing team members an easy way to feed you back when jobs are not completed within expected timeframe, when jobs exceeding budget or when quality is compromised.

Project management is risk management - Q-Project provides project managers with tools to identify, control, and minimize the impact of uncertain events that can affect the project cost, schedule or quality.

Q-Project streamlines project management process by ensuring that the information pertaining to project status, tasks, jobs, assignments and timeframes is easily accessible and measurable by the project team. During any service engagement Q-Project captures and tracks time and expense information and the actual status of each task and activity.

Q-Project workflows manage and streamline the flow of project process, such as prioritizing, alert-triggered notifications, approval process, escalation, assignments, tracking changes and milestones.

Q-Project is a software application for planning, management and monitoring project's and resources, designed for Microsoft CRM as an XRM platform.
Managing projects with Q-Project is a well-defined and controlled process. It provides project managers with tools to successfully plan, execute, monitor and control projects from start to closure.
Projects are organized into Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or Tasks, with scheduled start, duration, resources and deliverables. Each Task is broken down to activities, which are then assigned and scheduled to resources to perform. Q-Project manages three types of resources:
* CRM Users
* Facility / Equipment
* Contacts (external resources)

The resources carry out the activities and report back to the Task (WBS) owner with work details and related expenses.
The report includes assessment of any factors that may affect project schedule or budget
Task's owners are responsible to analyze the reports provided to them by the resources and accordingly, create or update the Risk entity.
In accordance with the project contract, the Task's owner bills customer for the resources' time, & expanses. Monthly invoices are raised by project manager for all billed items created during previous month and not invoiced yet.
Project managers monitor and control projects using Gantt chart to compare scheduled versus actual progress and CRM workflows triggered by Q-Project entities when budget, scheduled meetings, deliveries or risk requires the project manager's immediate attention.

* Microsoft CRM 4

Please Note: during beta period, this application is free.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $495.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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