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  • Version: 4.5.6
  • Publisher: www.jumpingbytes.com
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  • Date: Jun 27, 2017
  • Price: $24.95
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Free Download PureSync 4.5.6

PureSync is a file synchronizer and backup tool, a file backup and synchronization software that can automatically keep a backup of your important files, import files from your digital camera and synchronize the contents of multiple folders. The program offers a step-by-step wizard to configure your backup and synchronization tasks and set advanced options like file exclusions, conflicts management, compare options and more. You can choose to run the backups manually as needed or automatically on a regular schedule. The program can also synchronize your files automatically when it detects that they have been modified, or when a specific device (e.g a USB drive) is connected or a certain folder is found.

* Synchronize folders and files
* Backups
* Compare view: control what will be synchronized
* automatic synchronization, backups
* free

PureSync supports:
* - local drives
* - Server volumes such as \\MyServer\folder
* - FTP 1) 3)
* - some MTP devices
* - copying open/locked files 2) 3)
* - Run synchronization/backup with another user 1) 3)
* - WebDAV support

Compare methods:
* - By date
* - By name
* - By contents (compare binary)

* - Several folders at once
* - Subfolders (up to depth x)
* - Network drives such as \\MyServer\folder are supported
* - Files larger that 4GB are supported
* - Conflict detection (e.g. when a file has been modified on both sides since the last sync)
* - and conflict resolving (e.g. select the newer one or create a new file)
* - Environement variables such as %USERPROFILE% are suportted
* - Detection of time offsset of 1 or 2 hours
* - Compare view, to easy check what willbe synced, and open, remove or synchronize files, change the synchronization direction
* - Supports files and folders with unicide characters (e.g. asian characters)

* - Restore selected file(s)

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $24.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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