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  • Date: Dec 21, 2009
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Public Web Browser is a highly configurable web browser, based on Microsoft Internet Explorer, for use in public areas where a web presence in desired. There are a number of settings for PWB, this document addresses them.

Public Web Browser does use Internet Explorer as its base, and will use any version of Internet Explorer that is installed on the computer. You will only have functionality in PWB that is support in IE. For example Print Preview was not introduced in IE until version 5.5, so PWB will not have Print Preview unless you have IE 5.5 installed. For this reason, the recommended version of IE to have installed when using PWB is IE 5.5 or greater.

Public Web Browser uses an "INI" file for configuration. We have tried to make the configuration of multiple installations of PWB easy by utilizing an INI file. Once a satisfactory configuration has been created, the INI file can be propagated to multiple computers with ease. PWB also supports the use of command line options to specify INI files that can be located on the computers hard drive or as a shared INI on a network server. Using a network server housing the INI files for multiple configurations creates a centrally located place to upgrade and configure multiple installs of PWB.

Public Web Browser is a Web Browser designed for use in public areas. This is an exceptional Web browsing application that uses the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer for the browsing engine. You do not have to worry about compatibility, because Public Web Browser is compatible with all web pages and plugins designed to work with Internet Explorer. This application also makes an excellent Windows NT shell when used with "Runapp.exe" through Windows NT policies. Extensively test on Windows NT/2000. Public Web Browser is highly customizable through a configuration file including the following settings:
1. Station Naming
2. Home page
3. Kiosk Mode
4. Text editing tools
5. Show or hide navigation buttons
6. Show or hide URL address box
7. Show or hide text tools
8. History log
9. Favorites (Bookmarks)
10. Disable right mouse button
11. Disable local drive access
12. Policy rich text file
13. About rich text file
14. Disable closing browser
15. Disable new window and pop up boxes
16. Activity Timer
17. Inactivity Timer
18. And more...

From the Author: Scott Vermeersch
What we have written is a simplified web browser based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer (MSIE) using Microsoft Visual Basic. The browser uses MSIE as it's base, all web pages and software designed to work with MSIE will work with the browser. The browser offers great benefit to libraries as it does away with all the settings and customizations that MSIE offers, and gives a plain interface for general public use, with customizations only available to system administrators. Customizations include home page, favorites, default printer, printer dialog box, browser logging and tracking, password protection, policy and terms use statement, disable context menus, and station naming. The browser was written from scratch and is similar to the browser currently running on the Library Terminal server.

SoftSea Editor'e Note: Public Web Browser have one 64bit version on author website.

Please Note: Public Web Browser version 2 is an inexpensive alternative to the freeware version that offers a much more stable and flexible browser. You can download PWB v2 for evaluation. The only limitations is the <unregistered> in the title bar and a 10 minute activity timer. If you need to fully explore PWB in a production environment, you can email Michelle (at) and she can provide you with a 30 day evaluation license.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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