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  • Date: Jan 05, 2010
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    Protocol Analyzer
Protocol/Logic Analyzer Download
Free Download Protocol/Logic Analyzer 0.0.5

Open Logic and Protocol Analyzer Tool. Logic analyzer with build in protocol analyzer. Logic analyzer with build in protocol analyzer. To acquire the signals you have to build you own ATmega microcontroller based hardware.

Note: This project is started off with the "Simple Logic Analyser" hardware and firmware from A. Antoniak. He kindly allowed us to modify the firmware code, provided that it is not used comercially and with reference to his project. See See the SLA page for more information of his project and his home page for the conditions that apply when using info from the SLA project.

If your computer does not have a COM-port, check out this FTDI Breakout PCB. With the schematic and PCB-plans you can create your own FT232 breakout board. The chip creates a virtual COM-port. You connect it to a free USB-port.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this protocol analyzer software.

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