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ProjectTrack Express! Download
Free Download ProjectTrack Express! 2010.10.31.5240

ProjectTrack Express! is targeted to anyone that needs to manage simple projects in a single user environment.
ProjectTrack compliments applications such as MS Project, but does not replace them. Rather than a planning tool, ProjectTrack is a program to help you execute your plan; saving you time with all the administrative work that surrounds projects.

For example, if you use a spreadsheet or word processor to keep track of action items (to-dos), issues, milestones, etc., you can use ProjectTrack to keep track of all those items from a single location.
You can have multiple companies and projects, each one of them with its own set of information. But keeping track of things is not all you can do with ProjectTrack. Most projects generate documents that need to be easily accessible. They can be linked directly to the project, saving time and stress searching. What about looking for a document related to a project that was finished some time ago? With ProjectTrack, the document can remain linked for easy access.

The best way to decide if ProjectTrack is right for you is to try it. Download our evaluation version and decide for yourself. This version doesn't have any limitations, but it will remind you to register after 30 days.

Planning is the beginning. ProjectTrack Express! is an all-inclusive program that will help you execute your plan.
Designed by and for project managers, ProjectTrack is a powerfully integrated management tool which keeps ALL information related to a project in one place.
* Keep track of the DETAILS: Tasks, Action Items, Issues, Milestones, People, and more without spreadsheets or other external programs.* Centralize all your project DOCUMENTATION. Link, store, filter, open and send documents from ProjectTrack.* Easily COMMUNICATE with clients, sponsors and your team, without switching applications.* Maintain a project JOURNAL, so nothing is left to memory.* Do you work with MULTIPLE CLIENTS? MULTIPLE PROJECTS? ProjectTrack can handle it.* START the day with ProjectTrack TODAY. It will show you of the status of your projects and what needs to get done.* Create and share REPORTS in your favorite format (PDF(r), MS Word(r), MS Excel(r), HTML, Text or JPG.)* FILTER information, by creating data filters in plain English, so you can look at what's important to you.* SPELL-CHECK (in more than 20 languages) what you write, while you write it, and use the included THESAURUS to find the perfect word.* Email your contacts directly from ProjectTrack. You can even create your own email templates.* CONFIGURE ProjectTrack to meet your needs and the way you like to work.* Work using a familiar and intuitive USER INTERFACE.
ProjectTrack Express! allows you to record, maintain and share all your project information from a single location.
ProjectTrack Express! is an entry level, single-user application. If ProjectTrack Express! is too simple for you, try the Personal Edition. If you work in a multi-user environment, try the Collaborative Edition.

ProjectTrack Features:
Company Related:
* All Company details
* Associated Documents
* People/Contacts/Resources
* Projects
* Departments
* Initiatives
* Locations
* People Skills
* Programs
* Assets

Project Related:
* All Project Details
* Associated Documents
* Assigned People/Resources to projects
* Action Items
* Milestones
* Project Journal
* Issue management and resolution
* Change Management
* Risk Management
* Mitigation Plan and Steps for Risks
* Meetings
* Agenda and Decision tracking for Meetings
* Teams
* Assigned Assets to projects

Reporting and Printing:
* Print Preview
* Detail Reports
* Grid Reports
* Report Customization
* Inclusion of logo and background in Reports
* Report Saving to PDF (Acrobat)
* Report Saving to MS Word (as RTF)
* Report Saving to MS Excel
* Report Saving to HTML
* Report Saving to XML
* Report Saving to Text (TXT)
* Report Saving to Image (JPG)

Collaboration and Security:
* E-mail Templates with variables
* Directly E-mail People
* Directly E-mail Teams
* User Management
* Meeting Agenda templates
* Application access secured with User ID and Password
* Password Recovery via secret question and answer
* Multi-User
* Ability to create group of users
* Security access levels for users and groups
* Ability to work disconnected from the server database

Database Tools:
* Automatic data recovery
* Automatic database clean up
* Automatic data backup
* Backup Restore
* Multi-User

Document Management:
* Assign documents to any type of Item
* Drag and Drop documents from anywhere
* Storage of documents as links
* Email documents to a group of people
* Storage of documents in the database
* Email documents to a team
* Advanced Document Search
* Advanced Document Filtering
* Ability to save documents stored in the database

Office Tools:
* Integrated MS Calculator
* Calendar Browser
* Integrated MS Word Pad
* Import Contacts from MS Outlook
* Integrated Application Launcher
* Integrated Contacts (Outlook compatible)

Other Features:
* Update Manager. Automatically download new versions.
* Spell Check with more than 20 dictionaries available
* US and UK English Thesaurus
* Word Processor abilities
* Copy and Paste items and their children
* Use Copy and Paste to create and use Templates
* Menu customization
* Grid View
* Card View for clients and contacts
* My desktop view
* Auto preview in grids
* Auto Reference
* Advanced Filters
* Interactive filter
* Reading pane
* Opening of all types of documents from ProjectTrack
* Indications Management
* Tracking of Cost and Work
* Hide/Unhide Clients
* Hide/Unhide Projects
* Minimize to Tray
* Creation of items from the tray, while minimized
* Search
* Define the type of client information you want to track.
* Define the type of project information you want to track.
* Ability to assign colors and icons to each item status
* Ability to enter data in spreadsheet mode

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $64.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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