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  • Date: Jun 23, 2009
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Prism HUD provides a heads-up view of the memory, processor power, and hard drive activity your system is using, but doesn't do it all the time. The lightweight monitor app only pops up when your system. A lightweight but detailed and accurate HUD(head-up display)-style system performance & resources monitor, which can help you always know what and how your system is performing.

Prism HUD can inform you: CPU: total usage and each core's load; Memory: total usage and hard faults; Disk: each disk's used space, utilization and transfer rate; Network: each interface's transfer rate; Process: each process's CPU usage, memory usage, page faults and IO transfer rate. You can turn on/off each feature and change appearances to your preference. Version 1.0 added new prisms including Network prism and new hierarchical preferences dialog.

Prism HUD Features:
1. Lightweight - Prism HUD is small and hardly uses any CPU time.
2. Accurate - Calculates system performance & resources information precisely.
3. HUD (Head-up display) - You can know how your system is performing always.
4. Customizable - Each component can be turned on/off and each component's appearance can be changed.

CPU Prism
Monitors total CPU usage of your system. Where there are more than one logical CPU (e.g. multicore processor), the meter is segmented to show each core's portion in the load.

Memory Prism
Usage - Monitors total physical memory usage of your system.
Hard Faults - Monitors memory hard faults per second. A hard fault occurs when a process refers to data that is not in physical memory and thus requires disk access. It is a cause of system-wide delays. The prism monitors both disk-to-memory (left segment) and memory-to-disk operations (right segment).

Disk Prism
Usage - Monitors each disk's space usage.
Time - Monitors how busy each disk is.
IO - Monitors each disk's current read (left segment) and write operations (right segment) in Kbytes per second.

Network Prism
Monitors each network interface's current inbound (left segment) and outbound operations (right segment) in Kbytes per second.

Process Prism
CPU - Monitors each process's CPU usage.
Memory - Monitor each process's physical memory usage.
Page Faults - Monitors memory page faults caused by each process. This includes both hard faults and soft faults (memory operations).
IO - Monitors each process's IO read (left segment) and write operations (right segment).

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system monitor software.

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