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  • Date: Dec 04, 2021
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Print Edit is a Firefox extension designed to enable you to edit the content of a web page in Print Preview mode. Print Edit mode is entered from Print Preview mode by clicking on the Edit button next to the Close button on the toolbar. Alternatively, Print Edit mode can be entered from the Print Edit button menu on the main toolbar, or from the Print submenu on the context menu (after right-clicking the web page). The Print Edit button can be added to the main toolbar by right-clicking the toolbar and selecting Customize.

In Print Edit mode, any of the displayed content elements can be formatted, hidden or deleted, prior to printing in Print Preview mode. Click the Preview button to return to Print Preview mode or the Close button to return to normal browsing mode. It is possible to switch repeatedly between Print Edit mode and Print Preview formatted, hidden or deleted.

Mode Commands
There are three mode commands:
1. Edit - enters Print Edit mode from Print Preview mode.
2. Preview - exits Print Edit mode and returns to Print Preview mode.
3. Close - exits Print Edit mode and returns to normal browsing mode.

CSS Print Stylesheets can be applied to the web page displayed in Print Edit mode, so that the web page looks similar to the print pages displayed in Print Preview mode. Alternatively, CSS Print stylesheets can be removed from the print pages displayed in Print Preview mode, so that the print pages look similar to the web page displayed in normal browsing mode.

* Firefox

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this browser plug-ins software.

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