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  • Date: Sep 10, 2009
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Prestos Presentation Timer Download
Free Download Prestos Presentation Timer 1.1

Presto's Presentation Timer is a simple, completely free countdown timer that sits in the corner of the screen and lets both the presenter and audience know how much time is left for the presentation.

You may configure the time, opacity, border, and font from a right-click menu. Moreover, the timer can be programmed to stay hidden until a certain time is left, or become more and more opaque as time runs out. The timer always stays on top of whatever applications are running.

Prestos Presentation Timer Features:
1. Compact window sits unobtrusively in the corner of your screen
2. Start/Stop/Pause functionality (use mouse or keyboard)
3. Configurable timer duration
4. Optional borderless mode
5. When timer expires, timer can simply stop, stop and blink, or start counting up
6. Configurable font
7. Configurable opacity
8. Keep timer hidden until xx minutes remain
9. Keep timer hidden but show periodically every xx minutes
10. Automatically saves settings for future use
11. New option "On Timeout -> Restart", automatically restarts timer when it expires
12. Supports user-specified timer values
13. Support for playing custom sound (.wav) when timer expires
14. Saves window position
15. Auto-start when entering full-screen/presentation mode in PowerPoint

To Do List (from author):
1. Keep timer hidden but show periodically every xx minutes
2. Global hotkey to start/stop timer (ctlr-alt-shift-P, etc.)
3. Bug - Time always defaults to 30:00 when starting, should start as last selected time last time program was run
4. Make a Vista gadget
5. Consider "Reset" menu feature that will reset the timer to the last selected time value (would be positioned below "Pause")
6. Option to beep multiple times on timeout (On Timeout -- Loop Sound)
7. Option to load on Windows startup (?)
8. Single click/double click inside timer window to start/stop
9. Add "Help" option to menu with some simple tips
10. Add help on menu dropdown with keyboard shortcuts (or put in help above)
11. When window gets close to a corner, "suck" it into position
12. Visual Basic for Applications support: Setup, launch, control PPT from other apps (like Powerpoint)
13. Command line switch to auto-start the timer (i.e., "/start"). Also read time if specified (i.e., "pptimer.exe /start 20:00")
14. Execute a program instead of playing a WAV file when timer expires
15. Warning lights at 3 and 1 minutes - background can flash amber just like it does at 0 minutes now.
16. Ability to resize time to even fill the entire screen to use as a stand alone presentation timer.
17. Contact us if you have any suggestions!
18. Display a 2 pixel colored line that's falling down the left side of the screen over the duration of the timer, or something else like that (something not obvious to the audience)
19. Add a text display when the time is up. An example use would be before the actual presentation starts. Having the timer programed to flash "please take your seats and turn off cell phones" would be helpful.

* NET Framework 2.0

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this presentation software.

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