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We often download large numbers of files such as video/audio files, games, E-journal, Flash animations, applications and so on from websites which provide download free. But we will find that the space of our hard disk does not big enough to store so many files and data sooner or later. That makes our computer running more and more slowly and astatically. We usually compress the files in order to saving enough space to store more data and files. So excellent software that creates compressed archives is very important for us. Which one do you use commonly, such as WINARJ, UC, LHA, ACE32, WinRAR etc? PowerZip is my favorite archiver in numerous of compression tools. Did you use this unique zip and unzip suite before? PowerZip is one of my best investments and next to Windows XP my most valuable program. I use it constantly and depend upon it so much. If you are looking for an archiver I commend PowerZip to you and I can insure that you will like it soon.

PowerZip is an easy to use compression utility, which enables us to unzip any file on our computer. We can also create our own zip files, by using an easy step-by-step wizard interface. Following are the key features and benefits of this powerful zip and unzip utility, including:

1. Easy-to-use Interface - PowerZip Compression and Extraction Wizards make working with archives (such as Zip files) quick and easy. In two or three simple steps, they will guide us through the process of zipping and unzipping files. PowerZip Welcome screen also includes quick instructions on how to use the most common features to help us get started.

2. Strong Encryption (Password-Protection) - With PowerZip, we can easily create password-protected Zip files to secure our confidential files and documents for storage or communication. We can either use the standard Zip encryption or, for extra protection, use 256-bit AES* which offers a high level of data security. We can also quickly encrypt files directly from Windows Explorer (My Computer) - just right-click on a file and select "Encrypt".

3. Integration with Windows - PowerZip allows us to create and unzip Zip files and other archives directly from Windows Explorer (My Computer). Zipping files is as simple as right-clicking on the files or folders we wish to compress and selecting "Zip" from the menu. Similarly, files can be unzipped by right-clicking on one or more archives directly in Windows Explorer (My Computer) and choosing one of the "Unzip" options. This feature also allows for multiple archives to be unzipped with only 2 clicks.

4. PowerZip Macro Files - We can create PowerZip Macro Files to automate common compression tasks, such as routine backup. PowerZip Macro Files are quick and easy to record and allow us to repeat the recorded task with one double-click or even include it as part of an automated script.

5. Support for 12 Types of Archives - As well as Zip files, PowerZip can handle eleven other types of archives - Cab, Ace, Rar, Arj, Jar, Tar, Gz, Z, Bz2, Lzh and Ha. This means we will never run into a file we can not unzip with PowerZip. As well as being able to unzip these archive types, PowerZip can also create Cab, Arj, Tar, Tar.Gz, Tar.Bz2 and Ha files.

6. Drag and drop - We can unzip files quickly by dragging them from the PowerZip window and dropping them into a folder of our choice. We can also drop compressed files directly into an application. Compress files by dropping them into the PowerZip window.

7. Interoperability with Unix - PowerZip can create and unzip archives types common under Unix (Tar, Gzip, Bzip2), making sharing files with Unix / Linux systems quick and easy. PowerZip lets us create a .tar, .gz or .tar.bz2 file in one go - perfect for when we need to transfer multiple files to a Unix machine.

8. Flexible Self-Extractor - PowerZip lets us create fully customizable self-extracting archives to have all the advantages of Zip files without the need for the recipients of our files to have an unzip program. We can choose the start-up message, specify a command to be executed after extraction and specify the default extraction folder (we can use built-in path variables so that that the self-extracting archive will work flawlessly on all versions of Windows). Several other options are also supported.

9. View / Edit Files in Archives - We can view any file stored in an archive by simply double-clicking on it in PowerZip. We can also edit the file and update the archive.

10. Folder View - If an archive contains folders, PowerZip displays them in a Windows Explorer-like manner, instead of simply listing all files in a "flat" list. This feature can be turned off.

11. View Modes - Choose between Large Icons, Small Icons, List and Details views, just like we would in Windows Explorer / My Computer.

12. Customization - PowerZip can be completely customized to suit our tastes and habits. We can customize the toolbar and menus, appearance, options and defaults.

13. Comprehensive Documentation and Help at Your Fingertips - The Welcome screen helps us get started quickly by providing shortcuts for the most common tasks and has links to the User Guide and the "Getting Started" section. And if we get stuck, we can simply point our mouse to a button or control we are unsure about and a helpful explanation will pop up.

In addition, PowerZip provides a free trial for us but only can be free used 30 days and some functions of it are disabled. It is standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. PowerZip does not contain any adware or spyware. It works with most recent variants of Windows and its current version is 7.2. The price of the registration version is only $20.00 and we can get update and upgrade free. With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability, low cost and free trial period - why are you still reading? Download the free trial now and experience what powerful and effective it is at once! If you feel this utility is helpful indeed, introduce it to your friends please!

PowerZip is an easy to use compression utility, that enables you to unzip any file on your computer. You can also create your own zip files, by using an easy step-by-step wizard interface. Powerzip supports 12 different zip file formats and offers a variety of advanced features, including macro functions that enable you to automate zip/unzip tasks (for backups etc.). The program also integrates into Windows Explorer, so you can quickly unzip (or email) files from the right click menu. PowerZip also supports the creation of self-extracting or encrypted (password protected) archives and provides a fully customizable interface. Additional features include archive integrity testing, folder display mode, support for external viewers, drag/drop and more. An easy to use, yet powerful and well featured zip utility. The (optional) initial wizards make it easy to use for novice users.
Unzip downloads, create your own Zip files and password-protect (encrypt) confidential documents with PowerZip - an easy to use file compression & security program.
PowerZip Compression / Extraction Wizards make working with archives (such as Zip files) easy while providing an array of advanced features. The Wizards are quick to use because they have only a small number of steps; some steps can be switched of if not needed, others can be skipped to use default options. Pop-up tooltips explain the purpose of each button or control.
You can use PowerZips 128-bit & 256-bit AES encryption to create password-protected Zip files to store confidential documents and files or send them through insecure channels, such as e-mail.
PowerZip supports two new compression methods (Deflate64 and BWT) to provide you with a higher level of compression than is normally available in Zip files. Standard Zip compression is also supported for compatibility with other Zip programs.
PowerZip adds itself to the Windows Explorer right-click menu, enabling you to perform common compression tasks (zipping, unzipping, encryption, splitting) directly from Windows Explorer / My Computer.
PowerZip supports 12 types of archives - PowerZip can create & unzip Zip, Cab, Tar, Bz2, Gz, Arj and Ha archives; PowerZip can also unzip Rar, Ace, Jar, Lzh and Z archives.
If you routinely perform compression tasks (such as daily backups), you can automate them by recording PowerZip Macro Files. Macro Files allow you to repeat the recorded compression (or extraction) task with a simple double-click; you can also run PowerZip Macro Files as part of an automated script.
If you need to distribute large files to friends, colleagues or customers who might not have a Zip program, PowerZip allows you to create a self-extracting archive that can be unzipped without requiring a compression program.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $20, you can free download and get a free trial.

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