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  • Version: 2016 SP2
  • Publisher: www.delcam.com
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  • Date: Mar 16, 2016
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Free Download PowerShape-e 2016 SP2

PowerShape-e is a fully functional, 100% free, CAD solution. 3D CAD for everyone. Full hybrid modeling using surfaces and solids. Intelligent Cursor for fast, easy wireframe. Simple to use, easy to learn, with all the power of CAD systems costing thousands but free. Now with Parasolid, for even better solid modelling. PowerSHAPE allows to design complex parts and assemblies using any combination of surfaces, solids and triangles. Its unique approach to complex 3D modelling frees you from the restrictions of working with solids alone, giving you total freedom to design the way you want.
It has a unique modelling kernel that allows your students to learn about surface, solid and wireframe modelling in a easy to use environment.

PowerSHAPE-e contains Bezier and NURBS curves and surfaces, solid, and triangle modelling making it the ideal base to teach students about different types of CAD geometry. PowerSHAPE-e links directly to PowerMILL. Students can manufacture physical models and prototypes direct from their designs.

What can you do with PowerSHAPE-e?
1. Create complex 3D models created from surfaces and solids.
2. Explore different methods for creating outstanding designs.
3. Export your models to your college's PowerMILL machining system to create physical models and prototypes.
4. Share your models with friends.
5. Join the world-wide PowerSHAPE-ecommunity on-line, sharing tips and tricks.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this desktop publishing software.

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