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PowerPanel Personal Edition software is included in many of the most popular CyberPower UPS products. This exclusive software allows for the control and monitoring of your UPS in order to ensure unsurpassed protection of your computer system, components, peripherals, and data. In the event of a power loss, PowerPanel Personal Edition software automatically saves your files and safely shuts down your computer in an intelligent and orderly matter.

There are three main functions of this software:
1. Monitor the operation of the UPS and AC utility power at all times.
2. Customize your usage of the UPS.
3. Protect your system and prevent data loss when power problems occur.

Current Status and Summary provide details and a summary of the status of the UPS and historical events.
Current Status: Displays details of the UPS and explains whether the status of the UPS is normal or abnormal.
Summary: Displays power events and relevant figures such as the number of times, and length of time of each historical power event. It also displays the total cumulative value of power events.

PowerPanel Personal Edition can be configured to automatically start up and shut down a connected computer and equipment. The setting is for a weekly schedule. A shut down must be scheduled prior to a restart.
1. Column "ON" shows the UPS turn on time.
2. Column "OFF" shows the UPS turn off time.
3. You can choose the UPS turn on time in the "ON" column.
4. You can choose the UPS turn off time in the "OFF" column.
5. After selecting the time, you must check on the (Act.) option to activate the setting.
6. Once you have selected the (N.R) option, the UPS will not auto restart even if you have set a restart time.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system utility software.

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