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  • Date: Apr 11, 2022
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PowerDicom Download
Free Download PowerDicom 4.10.2

PowerDicom is a all-in-one application for handling DICOM files. It is a powerful and easy to use software application that can help you manage DICOM files.

1. Supports all Modalities (SOP Classes)
2. Supports all Manufacturers
3. Little endian / big endian
4. Implicit / explicit VR
5. Uncompressed, JPEG lossless, JPEG lossy,
6. RLE compression, JPEG 2000, MPEG2, Deflate compression
7. UTF-8 encoding supported
8. Full DICONDE support
9. DICOM RootUID support
10. Read and Edit Structured Reports (SR)
11. Data Dictionary includes more than 3000
12. DICOM attributes (DICOM 2009), automatically updated
13. Customizable Private Tags
14. Load DICOM files directly from Internet or Intranet, WADO support
15. Easy and intuitive user interface (Windows)
16. MDI (Multiple Document Interface) Application, supports processing several files simultaneously
17. Automatic Update Service
18. Drag 'N' Drop, 'Send To' Interface
19. MRU History
20. Automation Interface (COM)
21. Multi-monitor support
22. Feature control by license key
23. Speech Interface: Text-To-Speech, Continuous Speech Recognition

Editor Features:
1. Editing/ Creating/ Modifying of DICOM files
2. Editing and saving of several files simultaneously, supports easy editing of datasets containing lots of files
3. Cut/ Copy/ Paste/ Delete/ Insert DICOM tags
4. Edit, Delete, Insert, Paste tags in many files simultaneously
5. Includes a HexEditor (e. g. editing specific character sets)
6. Editor supports editing nested sequences (SQ)
7. Export/ Import of value fields from/ to file system
8. Creates DICOMDIRs
9. External Editor support
10. Syntax Checker

Viewer Features:
1. Viewing of DICOM Images and header data
2. Compressed images supported (RLE, JPEG)
3. Switch from Editor Mode to Viewer Mode and back
4. Viewing of DICOM file Preamble and Prefix
5. Search for DICOM Tags - recursively
6. DICOMDIR Browser
7. Cine Mode: animated image viewer
8. Windowing
9. Magnifier Glass
10. Pixel Lens
11. Measuring (distance and angle)
12. Pseudocolor viewing (many LUTs available, customizable)
13. Pixel Distribution Chart
14. Intensity Trace

Output Features
1. Save Image as Bitmap or JPEG
2. AVI Generator: Creates movies from loaded images
3. Output in HTML-Format (Web Page)
4. Output of summary to printer, text file
5. Copy to ClipBoard
6. Printer Support
7. Send DICOM files per eMail
8. Conversion of Transfer Syntax
9. Conversion of Pixel Data
10. Color to Monochrome Conversion
11. Decompression
12. JPEG to DICOM converter
13. Bitmap to DICOM converter
14. Create DICOMDIR from single DICOM files
15. Encapsulate PDF Files
16. Header Comparator: lineout differences

More Features
1. Create Word Report
2. Modify Image
3. Pixel Transformation
4. Watermark Image
5. Compare Files or Attributes
6. PACS Interface
7. HIS/RIS Interface (Modality Worklists)
8. Service Class Provider (SCP)
9. and more ..

PowerDicom simplifies the work with DICOM files substantially, even if you are not a DICOM professional. It works interactively (graphical user interface) and automated (Automation/COM-interface) on all MS Windows 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

It supports all Modalities (SOP-Classes) and Manufacturers. It handles all uncompressed and many compressed DICOM formats.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR39.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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