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Free Download Plot Builder 2.3.0

Start with an idea. End with a story. Equipped with a revolutionary new way to organize and write your novel or screenplay. Plot Builder is the simple solution to visualize and develop your story in correct industry standard format. Dynamically place story elements upon an a Three-Act Excitement Graph to construct your manuscript in a non-linear fashion. Whether you use Plot Builder to write your entire manuscript or just to organize and build your story for reference, it is truly the ultimate writer's companion.

Plot Builder helps writers...
1. Visually interact with Chapters and Subplots upon a three act Excitement Graph.
2. Create a Synopsis to build the foundation of the entire plot.
3. Create Characters in formula-free templates.
4. Capture and organize Notes and Ideas.
5. Easily write a Screenplay or Novel in correct industry standard format.
6. Export to Microsoft Word, PDF and many other formats.

Plot Builder Features:
1. The Three-Act Excitement Graph
Visually build your story as your ideas come to you. Strategically place novel chapters, screenplay scenes and subplots on a three act excitement graph to construct your story. There are no constraints of a structured formula. Just use the excitement graph to guide your scene assembly as you write your story in standard format.

2. Industry Standard Format
Once the first pin is placed upon the excitement graph, the user has the ability to write in either screenplay format, novel format or in a traditional word processor layout. Writing in industry standard format has never been easier. By simply using the tab and enter keys, you can write that screenplay or novel without your hands leaving the keyboard.

3. The Manuscript
The screenplay scenes and novel chapters are combined within Plot Builder's manuscript feature. The manuscript ties in all the scenes or chapters into one complete manuscript and adds final formatting including page numbers, screenplay page breaks and novel headers.

4. The Synopsis
The synopsis feature allows the writer to create a brief overview of the story. The synopsis page is a great outline for the writer to reference or for a potential investor to look at.

5. Notes & Ideas
Ideas come to writers at all times. The problem is remembering that great idea when you forget to write it down or attempting to find those missing notes. Plot Builder simplifies the writing process and allows the writer to become more organized than ever before. Notes and ideas can be quickly stored and saved into Plot Builder for reference during story construction.

6. Characters
Character development is key to creating a great story. Without the constraints of pesky templates, build your character in your own way. Just give him a name or spend time to develop his physical description, motivation, personality, character arc and backstory.

7. Subplots
Most stories have multiple subplots or B-stories weaved into the main plot of the movie or novel. Visually place subplot bars along the three-act timeline to see when you would like your subplots to begin and end.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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