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    IP Utility
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Applications that require to squeeze every last bit of performance out of the network, but are able to compromise on reliability, use the UDP communication protocol. UDP transmits a stream of packets across the network without waiting for acknowledgement that any of them have been received, and does not retransmit any packet lost along the way. UDP is used by demanding applications, including the most intense games, as well as VoIP programs, and programs for video communication.

PingFu UDP transmits UDP packets encapsulated in the TCP communication protocol since this is the only protocol available to users behind firewalls and proxy servers. It uses specially crafted algorithms to ensure that packet loss along the way does not result in higher latency for the application tunneled.

Applications that use UDP often also use TCP for elements of their communication that do not require peak performance. Therefore, PingFu UDP includes support for HTTP tunneling of TCP connections using the technology core of Pingfu Iris. As a result, PingFu UDP also includes the full functionality that PingFu Iris provides to bypass proxy servers and firewalls.
Support Applications:
1. TeamSpeak
2. Ventrilo
3. Steam
4. SecondLife
5. BattleField 1942
6. America's Army

1. Yahoo VoiceChat
2. AIM VoiceChat
3. MSN VoiceChat
4. ICQ VoiceChat
5. Skype

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