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  • Date: Aug 12, 2023
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Pianoteq Download
Free Download Pianoteq 8.1.3

Pianoteq is a excellent virtual piano software, offers thus full control of the sound source and unlimited possibilities to choose the "color" of the piano sound, similar to what professional audio engineer do when recording. The resulting experience is simply an amazing audio immersion!
In binaural mode, for headphone usage, a head model is used for simulating the sound heard by a person located where the head is placed in the interface. The head can be rotated in any direction and even its size can be changed.

1. New acoustic model
2. Mic position - up to 5 mics
3. Multi channel - up to 5 channels
4. New grand pianos C3 and M3
5. New electric pianos: Rhody and Wurly
6. New effects: Tremolo and Limiter
7. New parameters: pickup position, sound speed, and more...
8. New interface design
9. Unlimited perspectives
10. Advanced preset and parameter manager
11. 64-bit version available for Vista x64
12. Native Linux (x86) version available

A powerful tool that is able to produce amaizing piano sounds. Pianoteq is issued from an academic research and results in what we call the fourth piano generation. This is the very first, and only, piano available that belongs to this generation.
1. First generation: acoustic piano (1698)
2. Second generation: electro-acoustic piano (1929)
3. Third generation: sampled piano (1984)
4. Fourth generation: modelled piano (2006)

The first generation of pianos began with Cristoforis pianoforte in 1698 which came to maturity at the end of the 19th century with the acoustic grand pianos. It was followed in the 20th century by the second generation electro-acoustic pianos and the third generation sampled pianos where each note is a recording of how it sounded during a specific moment in time, not taking into account the complexity of the instrument.

PIANOTEQ uses a unique powerful physical model that creates the piano sound in real time as you play instead of playing back a set of recorded samples. Thus it adapts the sound to how you play instead of the other way around. Moreover, it takes into account the complex physics of a real piano, such as strings and pedals in interaction, strings in movement, soundboard and cabinet resonance, duplex scale resonance, acoustic field and so on. This makes PIANOTEQ more vivid than any other virtual piano.

* 8 notes are disabled (silent): F#1, G#1, A#1, C#5, D#5, F#5, G#5 and A#5.
* Program quits after 20 minutes.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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