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  • Date: May 30, 2006
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We usually share files and data with our colleagues over LAN, but we can not share any files outside LAN. Sometimes we need to share files with others who are far away from you, such as in different city, country all over the world. How should we do? Do not worry about it! Here I commend you a personal file sharing utility which can let us share files over Internet. I have used several personal file sharing tools, such as P2P etc, however I insure PiXPO is the best. The publisher of PiXPO is PiXPO Inc and the developer of this software wanted to ensure ease of use for the average home user with its simple, clean, great looking interface, but included features for even the most demanding, experienced users. Not only beginners but also advanced users can use this software handily and simply.

PiXPO is a personal file sharing program that lets us share images, audio and video files with our friends and family or the public. The shared files are published via a personalized page on the PiXPO website, but they are not uploaded to the PiXPO server. The program runs as a local server, and our media content is served directly from our local PC. While this omits the need for file uploads, it requires us to have a fast broadband connection with good upload speeds (otherwise our viewers will have to wait a long time for larger files to load), and we need to be online in order for our content to be accessible. We can create multiple content catalogs (channels) and choose to make them available to the public or limit exposure to invitations sent to our friends, which can be done from within the software. PiXPO does not give us much control over formatting of the content pages, but it enables us to share file almost instantly, without having to create or maintain online galleries. The program works through most routers and firewalls.

The key features of PiXPO include:

The unique twist is the files are served from our machine. This saves the hassles of uploading the files and allows them to be delivered at full fidelity. Additionally, we can choose for the files to be public or private to share those special memories with just our friends and families. As our machine is the one serving up the media, If our machine is offline so is our media. An upcoming update will remove that limitation by subscribing to a hosting package. Additionally if our media gets popular, PiXPO caches the media and delivers it so our home machine does not come to a screeching halt.

A really great series of photos deserves an audience. PixPO helps us create photo albums and share them with whoever you wish. Once we have created an album with PixPO, we can easily and quickly upload it to the PixPO peer-to-peer network. The vendor claims that uploading to PixPO is ten times faster than e-mailing photos. We can mark our albums private--for sharing with friends and family--or public, to share our photos with the world.

We can make up distribution lists to alert groups of PixPO users when we have a new album available for viewing. Chat features are available, so we can get feedback on our snaps. And if we are just looking for some interesting photos, we can browse all public albums on the PixPO network.

Traditionally, sharing our video or pictures online involve uploading and hosting them to 3rd party sites such as Flickr, YouTube, or Google Video. Uploading large media files often require a lot of time. Most 3rd party sites also limit the number of files or files sizes we can host. PiXPO is a new way to share our video online directly from our computer with no uploads required. PixPO uses peer-to-web (P2W) technology, allowing us to serve our shared files from our PC to the web. Because files are served directly from our computer, there is no bandwidth or storage cost. However, our computer needs to be turned on with PiXPO running if we want people to access our shared files at all times.

PiXPO supports BMP, IFF, JPEG, PCX, PGM, PICT, PNG, PSD, SGI, TGA, TIFF and WMF file types. PiXPO also supports RAW and GIF file formats. With regard to audio and video files, PiXPO supports AVI (DivX AVI, and others - depending on if we have the correct codecs installed), MPEG (including MP3), Windows Media (audio and video - requires at least Windows Media Player 9) and QuickTime (audio and video - requires QuickTime for Windows).

We can set the privacy of our channel by ticking the"Unlisted channel" which will hide the channel from the public. The only way we can share our channel when it is invisible is by telling people the permanent URL to our channel.

Currently, PiXPO only runs on Windows operating system. A Mac version is currently being developed and PixPO API is also expected to be released within the next few months.

No uploads, no coding, no hassles. Share photos and music too. PiXPO allows us to broadcast our videos directly to the Internet from our PC in 3 simple steps. Within minutes, we can be streaming videos and music to the web in real-time. Invite friends and share with them. No spyware or adware. Free Download. With PiXPO, sharing our videos has never been easier! What are you waiting for? Download the free trial right now and experience how interesting and powerful it is!

Quickly and easily create your own video website within minutes using PiXPO. No uploads, no coding, no hassles. Share photos and music too. PiXPO allows you to broadcast your videos directly to the Internet from your PC in 3 simple steps. Within minutes, you can be streaming videos and music to the web in real-time. Invite friends and share with them. No spyware or adware. Free Download. With PiXPO, sharing your videos has never been easier!

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file sharing software.

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