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  • Date: Feb 16, 2010
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    Web Server
Pi3Web Download
Free Download Pi3Web 2.0.3

Pi3Web is a free, multithreaded, highly configurable and extensible HTTP server and development environment for cross platform internet server development and deployment

Extensible Design
1. Cross Platform Design
2. Multithreaded on All Platforms
3. Programmable Request Handling
4. Server Loadable Plugins
5. Protocol API
6. Comprehensive Server API

Protocol Compliance
1. Complies with HTTP/1.0 and 1.1
2. HTTP Proxying
3. KeepAlive Connections
4. HTTP/1.1 Request Methods
5. Other HTTP/1.1 Features

Dynamic Contents
1. CGI and Windows CGI
2. Fast CGI
3. ISAPI 2.0 Extensions
4. Server-Side Includes
5. PHP 4.0 Support

Server Features
1. Serving multiple TCP interfaces
2. Virtual Hosting
3. Customizable Logging
4. Server Side Image Maps
5. ISAPI Filters
6. Sortable Directory Indexes
7. File upload acc. to RFC 1867
8. Administration client

1. Strong SSL Encryption
2. SSL key and certificate generation
3. Basic Realms and Authentication
4. NTLM Authentication
5. Digest Access Authentication

Server Extensions
1. Servlet and JSP Support
2. Embedded Perl and PSP
3. Realtime XSLT

There's an embedded PHP4 module in Pi3Web 2.0 for fast PHP4 server side scripting support. PHP can be used as CGI nevertheless. The embedded PHP4 interpreter can be upgraded with the binary packages provided by the php developers.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this web server software.

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