Phantom Command Line Interpreter

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  • Date: Apr 01, 2010
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Phantom Command Line Interpreter Download
Free Download Phantom Command Line Interpreter 2.0.1

Phantom is a powerful Windows automation scripting language. The Phantom interpreter runs standard ASCII Phantom scripts (syntax similar to C) to interact with Windows common controls. Virtually any number of common or repetitive tasks can be automated. It is also a useful tool for automated testing. The Phantom language has many features, including built-in functions, the ability to add functions and user-defined DLLs, flow control, and script error and log output. In order to use the automation features, you will have to learn the scripting language first in order to create your custom scripts. The download comes with everything including some sample scripts and full documentation.

* Test Automation
The Phantom automation language is the ideal tool for GUI test automation. It is a powerful, cost effective way to perform accurate, repeatable automation tests. Phantom has a large built-in function set specifically designed for GUI automation. The Phantom Test Driver is a full-featured, intuitive interface for developing, running, and maintaining test automation projects.
* Process Automation
Phantom can be used to automate complex repetitive tasks. Any task that is done the same way, over and over again, is a candidate for automation. Automation can reduce human errors and improve efficiency. Phantom can fill out forms and database entries based on external data sets, log in to remote accounts, perform system maintenance and IT tasks, and much more. Phantom Sidekick can be used for system-wide macro automation.
* Performance Analysis
Phantom can be used to analyze the performance of your application. By using Phantom to quickly and repetitively interact with your application, you can analyze load times and response times, and evaluate application performance in real-world user scenarios. Since Phantom interacts with the user interface, performance of the entire application is measured.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this automation software.

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