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Personal Memory Manager can best be compared to generic applications such as spreadsheets, databases or text-editors, for it does not exactly fit into one category, although 'Personal Information Managers and Calendars', 'Training and Teaching Tools', 'Project Managers' and 'Desk Office Tools' all more or less fit the bill.

Use PMM practically for studying, (scenario) planning, collecting relevant information, solving complexities (factually or theoretically), designing and modeling or tracking your day-to-day thought development. It is simple, effective and valuable.

PMM as an object-oriented and multi-perspective mind mapping tool is embedded in a Philosophy of Memory and the Power of Belief. Video's, screenshots and an extensive help-file can quickly introduce you to the few basic elements that PMM evolves around, from the demo page.

Your comments are welcome at the blog or through email. The philosophy consists of a build-up of (by now) 18 diagrams, each of which links to one blog post for discussion. Click on a diagram to go to the associated post for your comments and my (asap) answers. I like to be challenged on logical and factual truth value.

PMM is basically free and you can upgrade to a license fee of US$29 or US$64 depending on how many objects you need to work with, or entities such as Notes and Sheets, plus Relations.

Why PMM?
1. Memorize everything
PMM helps you put down your memories of the past, ideas in the present and impressions about the future. As time goes by, these all add up to your personal memory. It will be structured, accessible and enlightening.

2. Shape the future
Notes are 'objects' that can always be repositioned, relinked, reused, so that you can model your ideas as they currently appear. All your knowledge and associations remain intact or get strengthened and are carried into the future.

3. Research the unknown
Recollect bits of information to show you all links of the past at a glance to give you deep insight nd the big picture.

4. Set knowledge to do the work
You don't know how much you really know, so all you need to do is 'expand' any bit of information that is part of your current state of mind.

5. Perform magic
Just like your own brain, PMM acquires new knowledge by cumulating one view onto the next. This allows you to magically boost your learning and thinking, or being your own critic.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $64.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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