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  • Date: Feb 06, 2009
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Personal Finance Organiser Download
Free Download Personal Finance Organiser 2.4.7

Personal Finance Organiser is an easy-to-use, personal finance software intended to help you organise all kinds of money issues.

You can use it to track and reconcile the transactions of your bank, savings and credit card accounts and see where your money goes.

Simply create the accounts you need and move money between them.

Personal Finance Organiser makes keeping track of income, expenses and bank transactions easy. With a few clicks you can begin creating accounts and making transactions in minutes.

You don't need to know anything about accounting.

PFO helps reduce the time you spend on managing your finances by automating repetitive tasks, allowing you to manage important accounts all in one place.

The facility to schedule recurring or future transactions makes it easy to plan for bills, loan payments, or pay cheques.
Reminders notify you when bills are due so you can avoid late payment charges.

The program supports cash flow, group and budget accounts, as well as accounts for grouping and tracking investments.

Personal Finance Organiser comes with over fifty pre defined categories. If you find these don't suit you, you can delete or modify them, or you create your own.

Save Time
Automatically process selected recurring transactions.
Download details from your bank accounts and import them into your PFO account in QIF format.

You can use it to track and reconcile the transactions of your bank, savings and credit card account statements.

Protect each data file with an individual password.
Make password protected backups.

Visualise your worth
Another great reason to use PFO is that it lets you easily visualise your finances. With PFO's built-in graphs, a graphical representation of your accounts lets you analyse the trend of income and expenses and helps you in planning future budgets.

Personal Finance Organiser provides a variety of reports detailing information about your accounts.
Each report settings can be customised and you save and restore report settings.
Built-in reports include: Total Worth, Cash Flow, Category, Monthly Income/Expenditure and more

Personal Finance Organiser Features:
1. An easy to use user interface to navigate between accounts and detailed or summarized views of your accounts.
2. Easy account setup.
3. Drag and drop account management.
4. Manage income and expense transactions within multiple accounts.
5. Account groups allow you to collect accounts with a common feature together.
6. For example, current and savings accounts with one bank.
7. Recurring transactions.
8. Create transactions to be reminded of your upcoming payments and deposits, so you never miss a payment or deposit.
9. Automatic processing of selected recurring transactions.
10. Manage money transfers between accounts.
11. Mark transactions as reconciled or cleared to track them against your bank statements.
12. Add a note to a transaction, or flag a transaction as a reminder.
13. Transaction filtering.
14. Use filters to identify and locate specific types of transactions, such as only income or expenditure, or transactions for a particular date range.
15. Import data (QIF) from online banks or other software.
16. Category Manager.
17. Many predefined categories. You can also create your own categories and organize transactions with them to discover where your money comes from or goes to.
18. Reports and Charts.
19. Investments
20. Track performance, income and value amongst others.
21. Data file backup.
22. Data file password protection.

* Microsoft .NET Framework

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $35.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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