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Personal Editor 32 Download
Free Download Personal Editor 32 2.0.02

Personal Editor 32 is a powerful ascii file editor with a console interface.
It is the only real 32 bit upgrade of the Dos IBM Personal Editor and all its revisions called PE2 and PE3.

Personal Editor 32 (also called PE32) maintains the same user interface, the same profile file syntax and it executes all the original commands to update the old editor at no cost.
It, however, uses a complete 32 bit core thus removing all DOS limitations, it adds many new powerful features like the multi language support, the syntax coloring and a lot of setting commands.

Personal Editor 32 is the best editor for editing large amount of data, for professional programmers and to simplify complex editing tasks.

Personal Editor 32 Features:
1. 200 editing commands and more than 40 setting commands.
2. Different profile files for every file extension.
3. Workspaces management to save and restore editing sessions.
4. Codepages management for the international symbols.
5. Menu to execute all PE32 commands and instructions.
6. Open up to 1024 files in the same working session.
7. The size of editable files is limited only by the amount of memory that Windows can allocate.
8. Configurable syntax coloring for C/C++, Java, HTML, BASIC, ASM and .BAT.
9. Autocomplete for all languages keywords and spelling checker using many national dictionaries.
10. Pop-up commands history, recently used files and directories dialogs.
11. Regular search expressions with substitution.
12. Support for line marking, block marking and stream marking.
13. Many block operations: move, copy, delete, overlay, fill and shift.
14. Fully remappable keyboard and keystrokes macro available.
15. Multiple ftp files editing and directories browsing.
16. Send e-mail from the editor.
17. Visual Basic Script commands and file execution inside PE32.
18. Get and set PE32 attributes from Visual Basic Script commands.
19. PE32.VBS file to load Visual Basic Script procedures.
20. Full 32-bit program, Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000 and XP compatible.
21. Fat, Fat32, NTFS, long file name and network path compatible.
22. Timed autosave and backup copies on configurable files.
23. Console interface with unlimited lines and columns.
24. Bookmarks enhanced: saved, restored and a dialog to manage them.
25. Sort all or a block of lines using different comparisons.
26. Edit and save ascii files compressed in a zip archive.
27. User defined synonyms to execute a sequence of commands.
28. Open multiple files matching a wildcard specification.
29. Save, load and run macro keystrokes.
30. Creation a file containing all occurrences of a string.
31. Commands to move the cursor simultaneously in all opened files.
32. Command line and status line presence is configurable.
33. Calc command to evaluate expressions.
34. Encryption/Decryption password for each file.
35. Window update is now two times faster.
36. Search and replace simultaneously on all opened files.
37. 26 bookmarks management: set, goto and remove commands.
38. 255 levels undo and redo facility.
39. Word wrap management, overstrike and insert typing modes.
40. Restores the last cursor position on previously opened files.
41. Block or word change case (upper, lower, invert and capitalize).
42. Configurable format for date and time insertion instructions.
43. Configurable context help on the current word.
44. Instructions to divide the screen in multiple views.
45. Instructions to open files in view mode (read only).
46. Instructions to reformat lines and paragraph into margins.
47. Full mouse management (wheel included).
48. Clipboard and internal buffer copy, append and paste operations.
49. Multiple files management and files merge and append options.
50. Program execution without leaving the editor.
51. Full file or block of lines printing on local or network printer.

Personal Editor 32 is completely customizable:
1. Each keystroke can be assigned to one or more commands.
2. Syntax coloring is modifiable and updatable by the customer.
3. Different configurations (profiles) can be created and invoked.
4. The editor can be adapted to the GUI style of another editor.
5. The editor can be integrated in different programming environments.
6. Commands can be created for specialized editing tasks.
7. All the languages, dictionaries and messages files can be modified and updated by the customer.

* Limited features

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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