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  • Date: Mar 14, 2012
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Free Download Personal Accountant 2011

Personal Accountant is a professional application that covers all the aspects of Accounting and Inventory Management. Get rid of the heavy account books. Now you have a new Personal Accountant for all purposes.

Personal Accountant will provide you with all of the great accounting features that you have come to expect from Personal Accountant. Personal Accountant is a complete accounting software package. Personal Accountant is a business accounting software solution that automates most of the aspects of running your business.

1. Personal Accountant is really free.
You REGISTER and use Personal Accountant for free. That means a registered version of Free Accounting Software can be used by your company without having to pay us any money.

2. Personal Accountant that is Multi-User.
One of the most important features of Personal Accountant is the TRUE multi-user scalability. Personal Accountant was designed from the ground up to meet all of your business accounting needs.

3. Personal Accountant grows with you.
You may install Personal Accountant today on one computer, only to find that next year your company has grown and you need 25 accounting software terminals.

4. Personal Accountant works with existing MSSQL installations.
You have a large company or you already have Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 installed. Personal Accountant will ask you if you want to use MSSQL during the Personal Accountant installation.

5. Personal Accountant that has no limitations.
Personal Accountant does not limit or restrict the number of Personal Accountant users or terminals. You are FREE to install as many copies of the Personal Accountant as you require.

Personal Accountant Features:
1. Voucher - Journal, Payment, Receipt, Cedit/Debit Notes(both account & item wise) & complete searching & reports of vouchers.
2. Sales - Tax Invoice, Sale Invoice, Excise Invoice, Goods Return, Damage Goods & their respective registers & Sale Book, Pending Orders.
3. Purchase - Purchase, Purchase Return with their registers & reports, Pending Orders.
4. Manufacturing - Production, Rejection/Wastage, Issue, Issue Return & their complete registers & reports, Resource Management.
5. Payroll - Daily/Monthaly Attendance, Salary Sheet, HR Management.
6. Reports - Account Ledgers, Outstanding Balances, Reminder Letters, Confermation Letters, Ageing Accounts, Complete VAT & CST Reports, Pending Form C, Pending Bills, Trial Balance, Trading A/c, Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet with G.P.Ratio(autometic calculation of Closing Stock in three diffrent ways), Day Book, Cash Book & Account Book, Cash Transactions & Account Transactions, Cash Flow & Account Flow, Expense Reports, Item Stock Statement, Item Stock, Item Ledger, Stock Movement Report, Reports on Excise, TDS, FBT, CST, etc., Advance Management, Fixed Assets Sale/Purchase/Depreciation.
7. Tools - Sending Reports, Bills, etc. via E-Mail, Converting reports to Excel format, Export data to Excel format.

Other Personal Accountant Features:
1. Multi Company capability
2. Doesn't require prior accounting knowledge
3. Doesn't require any special training
4. Minimum use of mouse required
5. Create an Invoice without requiring a Quote or Sales Order
6. Company Logos for printing on reports
7. Support for LAN
8. Data security
9. Advance printing options that allows user to save reports/print outs as Word, Text, PDF, HTML Documents
10. Reduces paper work
11. Organizes appointment with inbuilt scheduler
12. User friendly interfaces
13. Multiple Users & their rights management
14. Easy Backup/Restore options

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this accounting software.

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